Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Can Life Get Boring Or Can You Just Get Boring?

At the age of 23 I am constantly questioning what I get up to in my life. I wouldn't say I have the most riveting life. I don't go clubbing, even though that by no means makes me boring it's just something I don't particularly enjoy. But it's things like this that get me thinking that I am not living my 20's the best of my ability.                                     

Ok, so let's run through a normal day to day in the life of Beth.
6:45 am: wake up, have breakfast and get back into bed with youtube.
8:15 am: leave for work
8:30am-6:00pm: work
6:00pm-11 ish - dinner, shower, maybe workout, sit on my laptop or watch a tv series.

With Saturday and Sunday varying but mostly with shooting outfits (which I love) but again mostly sitting around at home on my laptop or watching tv, perhaps visit my family and the occasional (a lot more often in the last year) meet friends for coffee, food and a good gossip.

It's boring or am I boring?!

According to Sam every 2 months - his words. I get upset and down in the dumps because I feel like nothing exciting is happening in my life and I'm going to look back even when I hit just my 30's and think was that it? Is that all I did? That terrifies me. The thought of it actually makes me feel slightly sick.
 Ever since I was little I've known I wanted to do lots wth my life. 6 months being a surfing beach bum in Hawaii anyone? Yes I know that's a little extravagant. But still I want to see lots of the world. Even England, I've only seen Newquay, Edinburgh and London. I just want to have these crazy memories that I can look back on and think. Fuck yeah, look what I did! I can tell my kids about all the things I did. I can tell their grandchildren!

But yeah here I am sitting in my bedroom most days doing what? Nothing. I blame work, I blame having to work and earn money and save for a house and I blame the fact that Sam likes to sit on his xbox and do you know what, that's just stupid.

It's no ones fault, it's definitely not Sam's fault. The only person that can get their arse into gear and instead of sitting around start doing this, is me.  Life isn't boring. It's only as boring as you make it.

Yes we have things like work that we have to get through and sometimes after work we're so knackered we just need to curl under a blanket and nap. But I'm 23 for peak sake I have all the time in the world to sleep (need to get the fatigued feeling under control) I should be doing things with my time and having funny stories I can share with my blog and just look back on what I did feeling super happy and fulfilled.
 Because that's the thing isn't it. We all want a fulfilling life. I want those days or evenings of little things, bowling, mini golf, walks ANYWHERE, cinema, drinks and getting tipsy (not clubbing), games nights, weekends away, weeks away, trying out new sports. Honestly I could probably write a huge lists of things I want to do.

But really, my mood isn't going to improve until I start doing them and the only person that is going to be able to get this stuff to happen. Well me of course. I need to ask people to do these things with me I need to book these weekends or weeks away. I just need to do as much as possible. At weekends, in the evenings whenever I am able as much as I can.

Life isn't boring, it's as boring as you make it and I am through with being boring.

Don't get me wrong I still want days where I stay in pyjamas and I only change when it's a shower in the evening but change into new pyjamas kinda day. Because they are pretty great. But if I want to do something instead of being like 'oh, that would be nice if one day we did..' and just say, can we do this, on this day or yada yada' you get the idea.

Because let's be honest the quote "You will never have this day again so make it count" has never been truer!


  1. Totally understand you beth - it can be easy to get stuck in a rut every now and then. I hope you have some fun things planned soon!

    Lucy |

    1. It really can be easy to be in a rut can't it! Thank you, I've actually had a good few weeks x

  2. I completely relate to what you're saying, Beth! I've just graduated from uni so I'm trying to figure out what the heck I'm meant to do with my life. I'd love to go off travelling but I just don't have the funds at the moment... one day though!

    1. After uni can be the scariest of times but I'm sure you'll find something and yes I'd love to go travelling one day too

  3. I can completely relate to the meltdowns. I've definitely had quite a few of them and just questioning what you're actually doing can really set you off. But, I think just do your thing and something good will come of it x

    1. I couldn't agree more and I love that you have said this, I really think good things happen for everyone for sure x

  4. I think the fact that we've fostered a sense of repetitiveness in life is what makes us feel like we're boring or like life is boring. Monday through Friday, the days are pretty much the same; you get you go to work, come home and relax, go to bed, then repeat. I've thought about this quite a bit and I've always wondered whether the fact that I feel constantly like life is passing me by is because I don't do anything different day to day.

    Great post and I understand your feelings! x


    1. I agree I worry that with the repetitiveness that we have to deal with it means life is just going by and that really is scary, but I think thats where we have to make the most of doing things when not a work and really working on what we want to do x

  5. oh wow well if this isn't me and how I'm feeling right now. I feel like the time is flying by rapidly and I would like a good few weeks off just to catch up and actually live LIFE.