Sunday, 29 July 2018

Festival Time With PrettyLittleThing

Festivals are in full swing and to say that I'm not slightly jealous watching everyone going to see amazing bands and enjoy the whole festival vibe would be a lie. But my day will come (18th August to be exact) and I couldn't be more excited. The only problem is. I'm not a huge fan of festival wear.. I'm not a big wearer of colour or sequins two big things that I see at festivals. But again, PrettyLittleThing challenged me to create some festival outfits and so I thought.. Challenge accepted.

So off I went to the Festival Feels section and started by filtering the search to the colour palette I know works in my wardrobe. My word was I surprised. There was SO much to choose from and so I had to start creating  mood board after mood board on what I thought would work together to help create that vibe I wanted and here we are.

Outfit One - Oversized Tee As Dress

I have been seeing oversized tees worn as dresses for a while now and I just think they're super easy and breezy to throw on for a festival. When I saw this tee on the website I knew straight away I wanted to size up and wear it as a dress. Although I probably could have sized up once more (I got a size medium) I definitely think this is going to be a strong contender for Rize Festival. With the oversized feel I don't have to worry about my arm pits not being able to breathe (don't pretend you don't sweat from the arm pits, we all do) And I just want to help them as much as possible. Not to mention the motif on the tee gave me all the band tee vibes without being a fraud and wearing a Joy Division or Rolling Stone tee when actually I probably only know one or two songs and those being the most popular and probably will only recognise them if the song came on and someone said "oh this is so and so" So I'll just stick with the pretend band tee vibe. Then I thought it would only be wrong not to throw in a fedora because A have always wanted to wear one to a festival and B it's all about the head protection against the sun kids! We're outside all day so it all makes sense, especially because I only recently realised that the UV rays can damage your hair!

Outfit Two - All White with Black Details

All white to a festival!? Is she mad?! I hear you scream. Well yes, it would be pretty daring. Especially considering I am known for ALWAYS getting food down me. To the point where Sam has said that when I get in from work, if I am wearing white I have to change out of it before we have dinner! But honestly white and a tan just go hand in hand and I couldn't resist. Not to mention how cute this little top is, it is currently out of stock online but I have linked a very similar PrettyLittleThing top. Since trying out a white denim skirt I have also wanted to give white denim shorts a go. Because I mean if you're wearing shorts you can do all the drunken cartwheels at a festival right? These fit so nicely. They hit me just where I want them to so I can wear crop tops in comfort and they don't cling to my thighs so no chaffing for me. The only thing I would say is size up just one size as they are a little bum cheeky.

Outfit Three - The Most Sort After Co ord.
 Yes, this coord sure has done the rounds. Especially in the white colour. But you know, I'm not that daring. I couldn't have two white outfits and so I HAD to get it in the stone colour. I just feel the sleeves really give it such a boho vibe and it's pretty hard to resist. Not only has it got the button down detail which I am obsessed with still but you cannot beat an off the shoulder vibe. Both stop at the perfect place showing a cheeky bit of skin in between but not too much so I can still help myself to that all important burger from the greasiest burger van going at the festival and then to tie it all together these killer boots. With a heel not too big, but big enough to stamp on the toes of people that push too much in the crowds (total accident of course.) Plus with the studded detailing I just feel it all ties together for that all important festival vibes.

So there we have it. How I'm going to pick one of these to wear when we go to Rize Festival for one day I don't know. Perhaps I'll have to be totally extra and change in the grim portaloos in between acts just so I can wear all three.

Have you guys got any festivals planned for this summer? I'd love to know where you are going.

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