Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Get Ready For The Wedding Of The Year With The Amazon Fire TV Stick

Guys, it's fast approaching! We only have 2 days left until the Royal Wedding and I heard it's going to be bigger than William and Kate's! I remember during their wedding I was still at school so we were given that day off and I remember the sun shining and all sitting down as a family to watch it, it was so exciting and such a lovely atmosphere so I can't wait for that to all happen again. 

One reason I love a big event like this is - well I have to put my hands up. I am just super nosey. I absolutely love a wedding and I am constantly scrolling through pinterest looking at ideas and themes for my own that I hope to have one day. So for me, I love having a nosey at what colour scheme they chose, the flowers chosen, what the guests will be wearing and most importantly the wedding dress. I can't begin to imagine the slight stress Meghan may of had thinking about the dress, after all let's be honest it's going to be one of the biggest spoken about things. I've already seen polls on taking guesses on who the designer of the dress is! Also how could I not forget that a lot of us are probably wanting to see Harry in his military attire and also he may be without that beard and who doesn't have a little crush on Harry?

Do I need to sound anymore excited?  There are so many aspects that I want to nosey in on and thanks to Amazon who kindly gifted me the Amazon Fire Tv Stick I can now watch the wedding live thanks to this stick. It's sitting plugged and waiting for Saturday. However, it's not the only time I've been using it to gear myself up to this day. My friend has been asking me to watch The Crown on Netflix for absolutely ages and I have finally caved. I mean what better time to get into such a program than on the run up. Especially when it's got the Queen Elizabeth and Philip starring in it (not actually them, but their story) and with the first episode having the two's wedding it couldn't be more appropriate. I am totally hooked and can't stop watching.

So with all the anticipation of wanting to be nosey and gearing myself up with a bit of The Crown every evening I think you could say I am one excited little bean and will definitely be bringing out the champagne, popcorn, posh chocolates and totally getting one of those crowns on my head ( a girl can dream of being a princess) as I watch the wedding unfold on Saturday 19th May using my trusty Amazon Fire TV Stick to watch live coverage.

What will you be doing? Will you be watching and if so where will you be?

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