Sunday, 29 April 2018

The Year I Stop Saying Sorry

The other week @kelseyinlondon put three instagram stories up. They were talking about how if you read captions in instagram posts a lot of the time people apologise for things. We'll see people say things like, sorry another post with this outfit (I'm actually guilty of this myself). People apologise for parts of their body, things like apologise for how tired I look or how my hand is placed or how wrinkly my knee looks.. I know right! Countless times you also see, sorry last of my holiday snaps.

We are constantly apologising for our flaws or posting something too much and what Kelsey was saying is please stop! If you loved that outfit please post it, if you wear it all the time please do. In fact we hope you do as you did pay for it at the end of the day and you need to get your moneys worth, plus you look so fabulous in it so you do you hun! I want to see how you style it, if you style it in different ways, make it look dressy or don't make it look dressy thats absolutely amazing and if you wear it exactly the same as you always do then PERFECT because it clearly makes you happy and we want to see happiness blooming everywhere.

Again with the travel and holiday photos. You worked hard to go on holiday and you are having a fabulous time so makes us all jealous while we are suffering in the rain. Post that cocktail, sunset, bikini shot because they look fabulous and give many of us that wanderlust need. If you still post about your holiday when you get home, great. You clearly got some great snaps and why wouldn't you want to share them. After all instagram and blogging is for sharing imagery.

Finally apologising for things that you think aren't right with your body, lets just hone in on the first paragraph I wrote. Why are we so worried and feel like we need to apologise for it. 9/10 no one is going to notice and even if they did would they comment, I mean maybe if they're a keyboard warrior. But don't people only write nasty things when they are jealous, feeling low in their own selves or perhaps they are just not very nice people. So we shouldn't take any notice and if its for the reason of feeling low in themselves then we should try and help them to become happier. Love your body, don't draw out the flaws because they're not even flaws anyway and you look absolutely stunning. Remember that.

The reason I write this post is because I am serial sorrier.. yes it's not a real word but I say sorry all the time! Weather its for the reasons I mentioned above, because lets be honest we have all probably been guilty of doing at least one of them. But also I say sorry a lot in my day to day life. It can be as simple as bumping into someone by accident (of course it's polite to apologise) But Sam is constantly telling me to stop saying sorry. We can be at home and I can just shuffle in bed and I'll say sorry and pretty much all the time when I say it to him he always asks what I'm sorry for because he hasn't even noticed and then laughs because he just finds it so ridiculous that I would even apologise for it.

I'll apologise for accidentally dropping things on the floor, even if I am picking them up straight away, I'll apologise for accidentally getting in someones way if we cross paths. I'll apologise if I send someone to get something and realise it's closer to me. I'll apologise for making a loud noise or having to repeat myself. Anything. I mean reading these back of course some I guess you would apologise for because it's just polite like mentioned. But it drives me crazy when I say it for things I know don't need it. I'm sure as well it drives people I'm close to crazy. It's not ok.

That's why I think this year we should all have a year of less sorry. We should do what makes us happy and not apologising for posting those x, y and z on our Instagrams. They're ours to do what we wish with. As for saying sorry about things we don't need to say sorry for it can be harder. Sam picks up on it quite a lot and tells me not to be. But you could start up a money jar and £1 goes in every time you unnecessarily say sorry. I might even take that tip up by myself.


  1. Love this post girl - really does make you think! I'm awful for saying sorry for my instagram pictures so that's deffo got to stop!xx

    Lucy |

  2. I'm so guilty of apologising for how I look in Instagram stories, Its stupid because I don't actually care what I look like, I just say it because I don't know how to start off the story. Lol. But, I should probably try and make an effort to stop doing that.