Wednesday, 25 April 2018

The Day To Night LWD

DRESS: SIMILAR HERE | JACKET: TOPSHOP | BAG: H&M (similar here) | SHOES: TOPSHOP (similar here)

So we're all aware how important it is to have a little black dress, but I think during the spring/summer it is especially important to also have a little white dress for those times you want to mix it up a little bit. So when I came across this dress I instantly put two outfits together in my head. One that I could wear swanning through the Laines in Brighton on a hot day and walking along the beach and the second dressed up, boot heels, leather jacket, hair up and having a few drinks with the girls or on a date. That instantly made me fall in love with the dress and I knew I had to have it.

 I'll be honest when it first arrived I was a little hesitant. It was very rufflery, not something I was used to. But I very much liked that the sheer panels had a skin tone under layer (who else has bought dresses with a sheer type look and it's been sheer in all the wrong places and you then couldn't actually wear it) Well this has nailed it and I have clearly been shopping in the wrong places because its the first time I have been able to breath a sigh of relief.

So other than the slight resemblance to a ruffled lamp shade - you know the ones. I felt it looked amazing. The ruffle detail hides any lumps and bumps that you may not be keen on and the polka dots and ruffles do really spice up what could be a simple LWD. Have I said ruffles enough? Also can I mention that the neckline is just perfect. I am not one to show my boobs too much, I quite like to hide them so again this is a tick.

Now moving onto the ways of styling it. It doesn't just have to be one of those pieces you wear just for those special occasions. I decided to see if I could dress it down completely. Like mentioned above, picture beach walks with an ice cream in hand - of course bending at awkward angles because we do not want that bright pink delicious strawberry ice cream staining this dress. But I just love the casual vibe of an oversized denim jacket, straw bag and espadrilles. I mean doesn't it just look uber summery. I think I may just have to skip spring and jump straight to summer because I want to wear this outfit so much.

However if going out is your thing and you think you'd rather style it for going out then dar dar! I'm not much of a going out kinda girl as I'm sure I've mentioned. Give me all the Netflix/amazon prime series and a take away any day! But if and when I very occasionally go out I'm chucking away my LBD's because this is going to be my vibes. I felt like grudging it up a little. We know its not that hot in England when the sun goes down so a leather jacket is a must. I don't really wear heels so although I know we're going to warmer weather my toes would go away. I also have pretty poor circulations so my toes get cold pretty quickly and I will start whinging if that happens. But I think it gives it a cool monochrome vibe and plus at least when I have a dance I can shake the ruffles!

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  1. I'm in love with this outfit, its gorgeous!Xx