Sunday, 18 March 2018

Practicing Gratitude and Why I Will Practice Forever


A few weeks ago I saw Jordan tweet about how she had watched some youtube videos about positive thinking and the secret by Jake Ducey and it intrigued me. I had read The Secret before after reading Sinead's post but like I think many I read it, just thought about using it for a while and then forgot about it. However, when I saw the tweet and started watching the videos the idea came rushing back and so did a rush of positive energy that hasn't budged since. The few people I have spoken to about it have, I feel, nodded politely but you can see they think I'm a little cuckoo. But I don't care I love it and I can see it working for me.

The idea in a nutshell is basically that the way we think can produce the life we want and the opportunities we want - i.e. whatever we think about happens. Meaning that if we always think negatively like: 'I'll never do this' or 'I'll never be able to afford..' then essential exactly that will happen. So we need to program our subconscious and conscious minds to think only positive things. To think about things we want as if we already have them, whether its through a positive affirmation or a hypnoses that you create and listen to as that essentially reprograms our brains for the results that we want rather than thinking we won't get them.

The main part of this is being grateful and practicing gratitude for things. Whether it's for things that have happened or haven't happened yet. Regardless of this be grateful for them in a present mindset. Like they have happened (even if they haven't) and people have seen results. For example: I am training my brain to work towards a following goal on instagram and since really working on this my followers just keep continuing to rise. Another example: I feel I am very lucky, luck comes to me ALL the time. Because of this I keep winning competitions. It's little things but I keep noticing from the change in my mindset. I'm grateful for them and I can continue to see it happening and so it actually is happening to me.

Ways in which I practice this is through writing down everything I want but in the presence. I write the things down every day. I also write down things I'm grateful for that have happened that day to. Every time I have a moment to myself I think about what I have written down, these are known as positive affirmations. I say them to myself. I read them from the photograph I have on my phone too. However it's not about just reading them. It's about really feeling them and putting positive feelings towards them. Every time I say or read them or even writing them I smile and it's not even a fake smile, I smile because I can really see these happening, see them in the present as if I already have them and it makes me so happy. I also try to meditate every day as I know that keeps my moods in check and helps clear my mind. I also am in the middle of creating a vision board - full of images of things that I know I will achieve one day whether it's next week, next month, in 6 months, in a year, in 2 years - you get the point but regardless of how long it takes, they are images of what will happen to me at some stage in my life. Again I will look at these every morning and evening just like my positive affirmations and this only continues to fuel my fire and energy to reach them as quick as possible.

I'm not saying it's all just thinking it though, although that really does sound like what I'm saying. Of course if you want something you have to work for it too. But if you work like you already have that thing and continue working it is sure to come to you. 

Another thing I feel I need to point out is I'm not saying that feeling down or negative is really frowned upon and that we should NEVER feel like this. Because at the end of the day we're only human. We do feel like this from time to time, but what I invite you to do is just recognise those emotions, acknowledge them and then let it go. If that means have a day to feel down do it. Just wake up the next day with a new positive outlook. Again if your feeling down even if it's just for a second, few minutes, an hour, hours then do it. But then let it go, forget it and move on.

It really has left me feeling energised and like I have a fire burning inside me every day to work hard and reach the goals that I know I will as quick as possible. 

So what do you think of the idea? Have you heard of it before or been practicing? I'd love to hear your thoughts!
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  2. Genuinely feel so motivated and energised after reading this post! I'm going to start trying to do these little things - I definitely agree, good thoughts and good vibes are magnets for more good things! xxx