Wednesday, 21 February 2018

The 5 New Jo Malone Scents You Need Before They Go

Hello Lovelies, I hope you are all well! Last Saturday I was very kindly invited along to try out the 5 new spring scents of Jo Malone by the Jo Malone in Chichester and KatieKirkLoves. When we arrived we were greeted by prosecco with grapefruit and flapjacks and miggled with the other gorgeous girls that were at the event.

We then all gathered around and were introduced to the five new limited edition Jo Malone scents. The first that we got to smell was Poppy and Barley. We were told that this is probably going to be the best seller because its such a feminine floral smell (which I think really reminded me of the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume) The way Jo Malone describes it is if their is rich red poppies dancing in the meadow, violet flowers, fruity blackcurrant. All cocooned with bran and barley and then all softened with a white musk. The next was Primrose and Rye, my favourite of all the scents. It had such a summer scent and literally bought longing to summer it also reminded me of a scent a friend wears although I'm not sure which. It's scent is made up of primrose, golden corn, mimosa, with a base of rye and vanilla. Heaven in a bottle.

Another scent was Honey and Crocus, layered with Honey and Crocus of course then added lavender and almond milk. A lot of the girls said they could really smell the almond especially when we were told it was in the scent. Oat and Cornflower felt quite manly when first smelt and we were told that this could quite easily be used by both men and women. With its notes of oats and blue cornflowers layered with hazelnut and a elegant vetiver base. Very nice, something I would definitely gift to a man in my life. Lastly but by no means least. Green Wheat and Meadowsweet (what a mouthful to say hey!) This was probably one of my least favourites but that's ok! Still though it notes of green wheat zesty grapefruit were layered to make that sweet smell. It was intwined with white meadowsweet all together to give a powdery, grassy scent.

So once we had smelt all 5 we were told to pick our favourite as that was the scent that we would use when getting a luxurious hand and arm massage. When it came to me getting one I decided to go for the Primrose and Rye, I really couldn't get over how amazing it smelt. Jo Malone love layering their scents together and we were shown how Mimosa and Cardamom could be layered with Primrose and Rye.  It really is an art. Oh my god. It was dreamy, the massage was so relaxing that I think I could have fallen asleep if I was laying down in all honesty. Firstly we used a foam to smooth and clean the arm which was gorgeous and then with the Mimosa and Cardamom body creme where I got a gorgeous massage on our arm and hands and it was amazing! I was then told to smell my arm and not only was it soft it also smelt amazing. I see why people use Jo Malone as a moisturiser because it was divine. Finally we layered it with the spring scent and I genuinely did not shower last night just so I could smell me it was that good. We were also allowed to spray ourselves with both perfumes and so whenever I moved I smelt the heavenly aroma.

Bobbi Brown were also there and we could get complimentary makeovers. I'm not usually someone that doesn't like the whole heavy make up look. I like to wear it, but not seem like I'm wearing too much. However, I asked for a glowing healthy look. Again, I did not want to take this off (but don't worry I did) So I not only do I want the perfume I also want the bronzer from Bobbi Brown!

Lastly we were so kindly gifted a box from Jo Malone (how amazing is that!) And shown how to create that signature ribbon Jo Malone tie - so much more difficult than it looks! For a finishing touch we were given a ceramic tile to tie around the top of the bag with our initials in the Jo Malone font what a cute little touch right! 

So with a big grin on my face and smelling great I travelled home and as soon as I saw my boyfriend and his mum I shoved my neck in their noses so they too could smell how great I smelt and they agreed, it was very lovely!

Now these 5 scents won't last for long! We were told that they would only last on the shelves for 2-3 weeks and then that's it! They wouldn't be around again! So while I dream of Primrose and Rye and probably end up buying it you should go go go now before it's too late!!
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Beth x


  1. OB-SESSED with jo malone. for real. the scents are sooo delish.

    katie. xx

  2. Sounds like such a good event! Love the smells of Jo Malone, if I could I’d buy loads of them xxx

  3. Omg Jo Malone is amazing! I got to go to their press day where they transformed their town house into an english field. The new scents are so beautiful and they really make you feel warm and happy!


  4. I'm so in love with these scents! It was great seeing you and catching up xxx

  5. This is such a lovely post! Great shots too – several cheeky appearances from me in there I see! It was so great to meet you properly and I’m glad to hear you had such a good time. I couldn’t resist buying the Primrose & Rye scent in the end, it really is just like a holiday in a bottle. xx

    Katie |