Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Why I Used To Struggle To Wear Dresses In Winter


Last year I stopped wearing dresses during autumn/winter due to not liking how I styled them. I just felt frumpy and just not great in all honesty. However, after months and months of wearing jeans and trousers I've become a little tired of it. Although jeans are my one true love I am always looking how to add a little something to my outfits and so when this dress appeared on my doorstep it gave me the challenge of styling a dress for winter again.

Now usually I just go for no tights (when it comes to shooting an outfit) because lets be honest we know that the majority of the time when bloggers shoot outfits with bare legs in winter they 90% of the time either wear the outfit just to shoot it or have tights ready to throw on after the outfit snaps have been taken. However I've been intrigued in the sheer look of tights and thought because it'd be wise to actually keep my legs warm, even if it's just a little I should start trying to style with tights for once and do you know what, I don't hate it. 

I think because usually in autumn/winter I go for black dresses my outfits tend to all look really dark and mash together too much as I am a girl with little colour in her wardrobe. But because the tights are sheer and you can pretty much see my skin through them it breaks up all the black. Then we have the dress from Tobi which of course is black. Another thing that I struggle with is floral prints. I love them, but can't ever find one that I love love. However this one appealed to me, I think because the print isn't too ditsy, nor too big and also not too colour. It doesn't catch my eye straight away and that's what I like about it. It also has a lovely button up detail which I think is a nice added extra to the dress.

I also layered with a jumper as I'm all about layering, or learning to layer should I say in the winter. I think a great way to style a dress is by just throwing a jumper on as it instantly turns it into a skirt. Then if you get too hot just take it off and ta-da a whole new outfit is created.

Lastly, I chose to style it with white converse as I thought A) it would compliment the white in the dress and B) the outfit would be all dark which is one thing that put me off wearing dresses in the first place and I think it just adds something to the whole outfit. 

 Also I know this photo is an odd one out, but how could I not add it! I just loved the background and also we were attempting to get our first twin shot, because why would you not use the fact you're a twin to create content?!


  1. I love that you wore tights with the outfit - it makes it so much more real!


  2. This look is utterly gorgeous! Great pictures!!

  3. I love wearing tights in the winter, especially if I want to wear a cute black dress because my legs get so cold! I'm so in love with these shots of you as well! xx

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