Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Valentines Day Girls Night


So that time of year that people either loath or get all giddy for is nearly upon us. ok so we still have nearly a month or so but come on let's be honest we all have a little think about how we're going to spend it. Single or not I think it can really be a time to just get who ever you love together. Whether it be actually spending it with your other half or with friends or family or even just your pet dog. We all love someone and so why not spend this time to show them that extra love you all have stored away. (although don't worry I am a believer in showing someone you love them 365 days a year) I just like a reason to treat my nearest and dearest.

Usually Valentines day falls on the day of a football match and with sam being a season ticket holder for Brighton we know that means he cannot miss a game and I don't blame him. So I always turn to my girlfriends and the last few Valentines have been spent with them. Honestly it really is lovely to just get together have a girly natter and of course put those rom-coms on, wild child and the lucky one being favourites of mine.

Valentines day really doesn't have to be all of that mushiness that people see, what with the lacy underwear and the shaving and tanning and all of that. I don't have time for it. I want comfy underwear and a good slice of pizza so that's why for a night in I'd go for the sports style. A) you can't drop food down those kinds of bras that easily and B) they are just so damn comfortable! I mean can we just pause this whole valentines chat to talk about these two sets from Pretty Little Thing. Firstly, girls look no further, you know longer have to spend £40 on those Calvin Klein sets because Pretty Little Thing have created these gorgeous sets for a fraction of the price and also I kinda really love the fact that the side is just the elastic band and no material. I desperately want it in the Black and Charcoal too so keeping my eyes peeled for my size to come back in stock! Also, my velvet obsession is still growing strong. This time in the form of this gorgeous set. Look at the red colour! Talk about perfect for Valentines, the colour red but comfy, big tick in my box!

But if ultimate comfort isn't your style then I would also 100% opt for this gorgeous teddy. I mean we're all friends so what's a little see through teddy between girls. Plus I don't know about you guys but a teddy isn't just for the guys, or gals you want to 'impress' I feel so super pretty and cute in one and what better time of year to feel those and treat your self to a nice loungewear than the day full of love! 

So this year, expect me to be in my comfiest (or prettiest) underwear. My favourite girls by my side. A pizza, wine, candles, films and if the girls are lucky I may treat them to flowers because it's a good enough reason to treat someone you love! Then, I'll get to go home to Sam (let's hope his team win the game) and he get's treated to my pizza tummy (and probs pizza stained top) and I'll probably be a little tipsy and we're just have a good giggle while watching whatever we're currently binging on netflix together. Can you think of anything more perfect, I am already excited for Valentines day and I'm not even a big believer in the day, well I wasn't until now! Spread the love girlies (or guys) oh and don't forget to treat yourself at the same time too, because there is no better love then self love - in the form of new underwear!

How are you planning on spending your valentines? Do you even believe in the day?

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Beth x


  1. Great post. I especially like the clothing items.

  2. You girls are so cute!! I absolutely adore these photos, I don't celebrate valentines day but I definitely want to treat myself to some comfy underwear! xx