Wednesday, 18 April 2018

My Spring WishList

Ok, so I may have skipped spring dressing and jumped straight into summer. But look at these pieces!  Definitely on a bit of a Topshop Hype and could definitely of just made this into a Topshop wish list but, oh well. It could have something to do with the fact that there was rumours of 21 degrees this week and for us Brits that means legs out, beach towels over shoulder and heading to the beach. Yeah we're kinda mad like that. Plus, I'm a big wishful thinker and I just keep picturing me on beaches in all these pieces, so maybe I just need to book a couple of summer holidays so I can wear these pieces.

But I know my wardrobe needs a big spring/summer revamp so I can feel fresh as a daisy so why not try new things. Plus isn't that suit too cute, imagine that with the button vest and the cream espadrilles. Yes, both the black and cream made the list because they both can really make an outfit look so different and I am one of those people that gets the same thing twice in the white and black. The colours just make such a different to an outfit!

Also I totally want a rope bag for those sandy beach photos with the big oranges. I literally scream Instagram cliché. So if anyone wants to take a few road trips to camber sands this season hit me up because I want all the beach/sand dune photos!

All the items are linked below so click away and spend spend spend.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

The Boohoo X Zendaya Edit - The Lilac Suit


Hello, I thought I would write just an old school outfit post today. Because I mean I think this suit needs it's own post really and I actually enjoy posts where someone talks about the outfit and maybe throws in a little life update, so let's get to it!

As with many outfits I seem to upload recently I always use the phrase *If you had asked me a year ago..* but yes this outfit needs that phrase again because my style is really evolving a lot a this year and I'm finding myself massively in clothes and styling and I actually enjoy every day opening my wardrobe and thinking yes, I'll grab that and style that with this and this. However my bank balance isn't feeling quite the same but it's surviving nonetheless and hey we get a new pay check every month so..

Anyway, onto the outfit! Look at the colour to start with. Stunning right? Zendaya dropped an amazing edit on boohoo and honestly if you haven't checked it out, where have you been?! It's an edit full of stripes, dresses and tailored pieces. So there is totally something for everyone and perfect to add a little something something to your spring/summer wardrobe. But things are selling out quick so click here to get your mitts on some items now! I mean unfortunately my suit is out of stock too, but keep your eyes peeled as I'm sure it will be back!

But yes back to the suit. When I first put it on I jumped out of the car *glamorous car change there* and just said "I'M AN EASTER BUNNY" I was so out of my comfort zone with this. It is NOTHING like I have ever worn before. But you know what, I took a breath and thought no. I am going to rock it. I twirled round the streets in the quiet town that is Lewes and didn't care. I don't think the folk of Lewes knew what had hit them. It's very tailored so thats where dressing it down with a tee and even knotting the tee comes into play. That with the trainers I think drops the vibe immediately and why I think I felt more comfortable in the suit. Also another thing to note is the blazer didn't have shoulder pads, thankfully! I am not a shoulder pad girl and again that helps the laid back but pulled together vibe.

I do think though that if I get invited to any formal events - i.e. weddings I may be that girl that brings out the suit. As with heels and a lace cami it could look gorgeous. Even if I just wear that outfit without the blazer it could look so chic. Or vice-vera, jeans, a tee and just the blazer an easy way to channel the whole smart casual vibe. I know we all freak out about and start rocking in a corner thinking what does that mean, what does that mean?! So bam. There is 3 outfits from just one very affordable outfit *kicks self for not taking photos of the other ways to style this suit and make this a 3 ways to wear a suit post* Ah well. At least that's a new post in the back pocket!

And there we have it. The old outfit post done and dusted. That's if you made it to the end and didn't jump over to the Zendaya edit which I know is very tempting right?

I hope we are all well! 

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Being On The Contraceptive Pill And Turning Into A Psycho


I read an article in the summer last year and sent it to a friend. We have a lot of conversations about taking the pill and changes is it's made to us. The article talked about how actually every contraceptive pill makes women depressed or anxious (unfortunately I can't find the article so nothing to back up that this could be the truth, but hear me out). However I have read that studies have shown that taking the pill can lead to higher risks of depression and a huge 80% risk with teens. But after reading this and chatting a lot with my friend and also reading Sophie's post about the pill here and where I got that article study from, I think it's time to write about the affects its been having and still is having on me.

I've been on the pill since I was in year 11. That's 7 years ago. 7 years pumping extra hormones into my body, hormones that have developed and caused such a rollercoaster of emotions. I originally went on it due to painful and heavy periods but then obviously as most people it provided that all in important protection, however it only lasted about 4 years, maybe even less. Who knows when I felt a change really. I started on the standard Microgynon like most people. The pain and heavy flow went and it was wonderful plus once you get into a routine it really isn't all that hard to remember taking it every day. But then after a while even when the reminder alarm goes of all I think is eurgh not again.

Because I thought it was Microgynon I went to the doctors and mentioned the affects I was feeling with my moods and having the tendency to go from happy to pissed off to sad rather quickly and for silly little reasons I felt paranoid about unnecessary things and above all it's when my anxiety appeared. I mean sometimes I'd cry if I'd had a really good day with my friend and then I'd be leaving them and mostly recently 9 times out of 10 after spending time with a friend I leave worrying that I'd said something stupid and that that person wouldn't want to be my friend anymore. Crazy much? I mean there are so many little spats that I have blown out of proportion between Sam and I and after I have felt a little silly for over-acting. But at the time I cannot control the anger and upset I feel no matter how much I try to tell myself its not that bad the mood over rides any sane feelings and bam, psycho Beth is making a scene and causing drama over something that we shouldn't really be having this full blown argument about.

I've heard that after a good few years you should take a break from taking the pill, but it isn't due to the changes in your wellbeing, well mood wellbeing anyway. But because of what it can do to us women being able to have little people. However, I think for our sanity we should take breaks like every 5 years. Or you know give men a turn.. but that's a whole other chat.
The temptation to just throw all my pills in the bin and not bother with it is unreal. I can even tell the weight of my shoulders I would feel. It would be so up lifting. But then what? Again I recently mentioned the whole contraceptive pill to my friend and again we started joking about the freak outs we've had which we know is down to the pill and I literally just said, I want to stop. I cannot do it any more. I've had enough of something controlling my emotions. I mean granted since focusing on the positivity aspect of my life as I mentioned here, I have felt slightly calmer however I can feel my hormones burning away, waiting to erupt again and enough is enough!

So my friend mentioned that actually there is a injection we can get and it's not supposed to have any hormones whatsoever in it. It's an injection that we think get's injected into out butt cheeks (glamorous right) and you just have to have it re-injected every 3 months. So I think this is the next trial. I want to go and talk it out with a doctor in the easter holidays and maybe even go ahead with it because I am so ready for the real Beth Apps to return! I would just be so intrigued to feel the changes creeping back and not have to worry about when the psycho is going to rear her ugly head you know?!

So if I do go ahead with I'll totally update you guys!

Sunday, 25 March 2018

The Blogging Cliché Peggy Porschen Trip

I finally did it, I hit the nail on the blogging head. I took the very cliché trip to Peggy's and what an experience. Firstly let's talk about the dreamy interior and the gorgeous cake. Not to mention the chocolate dusting on top of the coffees (we totally didn't order a cappuccino just for this) and the sun was shining what more could you want. 

Hannah and I jumped straight to taking photos while it was still quiet-ish but then a couple sat next to us. All they did was snigger, make jokes about getting 'the instagram' and all I wanted to do is turn round and make a comment about them. How they must really not be great people if they get a kick out of mocking other people for doing something we enjoy even if it makes us look a little silly. There were plenty of others just stopping buy to pose on the front steps rather than paying to actually try out the cakes and coffees. If they really have nothing nice to say why say anything (I'm not good at the whole anger thing) I mean why come to a place that you probably know a lot of people take photos of. 

Oh it really grinded my gears. Instead I held my tongue, continued getting the photos I wanted (influenced by my blogging girl crush Isabella Thorsden) and enjoyed my cake. It was a very good raspberry, lemon and rose cake at that! And you're gonna wish you got photos to remember the beautiful place you mean couple you!

Ok done, my bumberling rant finished. Do you see why I didn't turn around and say anything. It's a pretty all over the place rant and I would probably have blubbered and stumbled all over my words. Eurgh, I hate when people mock other people for things they enjoy doing. Who cares, let people do them and you focus on yourself ok. But do you know I had a swell time so I wasn't going to let it ruin my experiece an I am pretty darn happy with what I achieved in the photo department and it makes me happy. So you know You Do You!

It feels strange to write a ranting post with such pink cutesy photos so if you can't be bothered to read the rant enjoy the pink and lots of it. Also i think this is the perfect time to mention the jumper.

The Jumper

I am not usually one for colour, or multi colour looks anyway. You'd probably see me running in the other direction usually. But when I saw the first Urban Outfitters rainbow coloured jumper I was in awe and then this one came along. Hello gorgeous blue, powder pink and the vibrant orange! It's so beautiful and when I saw Isabella shooting with the rainbow jumper and it looking stunning I just really wanted to see what I call the muted down one looked like in front of flowers and pink pink and more pink. And I loved it. I wear this jumper all the time and for me, well I wasn't a colour gal and now I don't care. I tend to wear it with a black skirt and doctor martens but love it with the blue jeans too!
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Sunday, 18 March 2018

Practicing Gratitude and Why I Will Practice Forever


A few weeks ago I saw Jordan tweet about how she had watched some youtube videos about positive thinking and the secret by Jake Ducey and it intrigued me. I had read The Secret before after reading Sinead's post but like I think many I read it, just thought about using it for a while and then forgot about it. However, when I saw the tweet and started watching the videos the idea came rushing back and so did a rush of positive energy that hasn't budged since. The few people I have spoken to about it have, I feel, nodded politely but you can see they think I'm a little cuckoo. But I don't care I love it and I can see it working for me.

The idea in a nutshell is basically that the way we think can produce the life we want and the opportunities we want - i.e. whatever we think about happens. Meaning that if we always think negatively like: 'I'll never do this' or 'I'll never be able to afford..' then essential exactly that will happen. So we need to program our subconscious and conscious minds to think only positive things. To think about things we want as if we already have them, whether its through a positive affirmation or a hypnoses that you create and listen to as that essentially reprograms our brains for the results that we want rather than thinking we won't get them.

The main part of this is being grateful and practicing gratitude for things. Whether it's for things that have happened or haven't happened yet. Regardless of this be grateful for them in a present mindset. Like they have happened (even if they haven't) and people have seen results. For example: I am training my brain to work towards a following goal on instagram and since really working on this my followers just keep continuing to rise. Another example: I feel I am very lucky, luck comes to me ALL the time. Because of this I keep winning competitions. It's little things but I keep noticing from the change in my mindset. I'm grateful for them and I can continue to see it happening and so it actually is happening to me.

Ways in which I practice this is through writing down everything I want but in the presence. I write the things down every day. I also write down things I'm grateful for that have happened that day to. Every time I have a moment to myself I think about what I have written down, these are known as positive affirmations. I say them to myself. I read them from the photograph I have on my phone too. However it's not about just reading them. It's about really feeling them and putting positive feelings towards them. Every time I say or read them or even writing them I smile and it's not even a fake smile, I smile because I can really see these happening, see them in the present as if I already have them and it makes me so happy. I also try to meditate every day as I know that keeps my moods in check and helps clear my mind. I also am in the middle of creating a vision board - full of images of things that I know I will achieve one day whether it's next week, next month, in 6 months, in a year, in 2 years - you get the point but regardless of how long it takes, they are images of what will happen to me at some stage in my life. Again I will look at these every morning and evening just like my positive affirmations and this only continues to fuel my fire and energy to reach them as quick as possible.

I'm not saying it's all just thinking it though, although that really does sound like what I'm saying. Of course if you want something you have to work for it too. But if you work like you already have that thing and continue working it is sure to come to you. 

Another thing I feel I need to point out is I'm not saying that feeling down or negative is really frowned upon and that we should NEVER feel like this. Because at the end of the day we're only human. We do feel like this from time to time, but what I invite you to do is just recognise those emotions, acknowledge them and then let it go. If that means have a day to feel down do it. Just wake up the next day with a new positive outlook. Again if your feeling down even if it's just for a second, few minutes, an hour, hours then do it. But then let it go, forget it and move on.

It really has left me feeling energised and like I have a fire burning inside me every day to work hard and reach the goals that I know I will as quick as possible. 

So what do you think of the idea? Have you heard of it before or been practicing? I'd love to hear your thoughts!
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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Having a Boyfriend And Creating Relationship Posts

A lot of bloggers I read tend to write about topics to do with sex, disastrous dates, exes, love lessons and I love it. I literally feel like everyone has taken the path of Carrie Bradshaw and it is very entertaining. I love hearing about all the relationship drama that people have gone through, not because I like hearing about the sadness of course but the way bloggers like Sophie writes about relationships is hilarious and most recently Brighton Girl Probs and her amazingly hilarious tinder date diaries.

But the reason I write about this is because although I am very lucky to have found someone at the age of 16 I sometimes wish I could create posts on funny relationship scenarios. I mean that's not saying that I couldn't I guess. But I feel like a relationship can be very private. I mean for one I'd have to ask Sam if I could start talking openly about things that happen in our relationship. Also is it even interesting to hear about the time I was half asleep and Sam decided to wake me up by doing a dab dance and a Sal body dance (If you haven't watched impractical jokers and seen this dance, go.) Or when I'm sorting tin foil in the oven and Sam comes and slaps my bum with a spatula and I jump around cradling it and howling.

Or that currently as I write this we are in a grump with each other because I was curled up on the settee with Sam and I asked if he could pass my drink which led him to replying with me being ungrateful because he'd just made me pancakes and I couldn't get my own drink (I think someone needs to learn the term ungrateful) And how he has called me lazy and I don't think he's quite aware how insecure that makes me feel - when actually I washed up after you cooked so that makes it fair you bastard! So now we'll probably go through the rest of evening ignoring each other and only coming together when his mum cooks us dinner and we'll end the night with a heated discussion on how I need him to apologise or at least sort the problem through a chat otherwise I won't sleep properly because I'm a insecure psycho bitch that needs the reassurance that even after a little tiff he still loves me and actually finds my said laziness a cute little perk of dating me. Because let's be honest we have to try and find all the annoying things they do endearing right?

Maybe as I sit in the lounge I could start sending Sam annoying gifs, just to wind him up more or like I just did, jokingly stick a middle finger up at him as I retrieve my dressing gown and try not laugh knowing he'll take it so personally because I'm childish like that, but you know little things to entertain yourself right. I can see my sister rolling her eyes now if she reads this and is probably thinking jheeze Beth get over it and stop being so petty. But has it ever occurred to you that this is the way I get some entertainment out of a relationship I want hilarious stories too! Don't worry I don't think sending annoying gifs or sticking middle fingers at said partner is hilarious.

But lets be honest, who really wants to hear the ins and outs of a relationship of 7 years and how it's not all rainbows and butterflies. We all just want to know about the fuck boy stories and tips for dating and how on earth we actually play the game.

I guess I long to join the Carrie Bradshaw writing train, just without the whole having to play the dating game (or I'm just incapable with the whole being able to think of entertaining lifestyle posts). Nope, for now I will live vicariously through friends, other bloggers and play the naked attraction game - note, I could never date someone if I saw their penis first. And I'll watch things like love island, married at first sight and celebs going dating because they are hilarious and we absolutely love dating scandals!
Ok, so I know I just had a ramble about being in a relationship and the joys (or not so much) that goes with it. But I think it would be far too wrong not mention this outfit. Because well look at it. I am usually your jean kinda gal. I don't do flares I don't different materials for my bottom half. But when I bought this top along to shoot and the lovely India suggested pairing it with these trousers I said yes. Why not? How do we know what we like unless we give something new a try. I must admit I absolutely love love this outfit. I want to wear it all the time. However as you can tell in some of the photos they are a little see through so make sure you wear either nice pants (because who doesn't love gorgeous underwear) or pants that would be invisible! I think pairing it with hi top vans really helps dress it down and I love the bright white stitching contrast with it.

Now this top. I originally was going to pair it with blue jeans with inspiration from Lauren. But obviously like stated above I didn't. I loved the colour of this top and the way it wrapped around but was long enough to tuck into the trousers so just give such a nice wrap around look without seeing the tie detail which is amazing. The sleeves also are a little flared which again would scare me off but I love the look its giving.

With the weather getting warmer (fingers crossed it actually stays) I think this is definitely the way I want my spring wardrobe to start taking. I need to keep developing my look and although denim will always be a fave I want to keep seeing what alternatives I can find.
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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

The 5 New Jo Malone Scents You Need Before They Go

Hello Lovelies, I hope you are all well! Last Saturday I was very kindly invited along to try out the 5 new spring scents of Jo Malone by the Jo Malone in Chichester and KatieKirkLoves. When we arrived we were greeted by prosecco with grapefruit and flapjacks and miggled with the other gorgeous girls that were at the event.

We then all gathered around and were introduced to the five new limited edition Jo Malone scents. The first that we got to smell was Poppy and Barley. We were told that this is probably going to be the best seller because its such a feminine floral smell (which I think really reminded me of the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume) The way Jo Malone describes it is if their is rich red poppies dancing in the meadow, violet flowers, fruity blackcurrant. All cocooned with bran and barley and then all softened with a white musk. The next was Primrose and Rye, my favourite of all the scents. It had such a summer scent and literally bought longing to summer it also reminded me of a scent a friend wears although I'm not sure which. It's scent is made up of primrose, golden corn, mimosa, with a base of rye and vanilla. Heaven in a bottle.

Another scent was Honey and Crocus, layered with Honey and Crocus of course then added lavender and almond milk. A lot of the girls said they could really smell the almond especially when we were told it was in the scent. Oat and Cornflower felt quite manly when first smelt and we were told that this could quite easily be used by both men and women. With its notes of oats and blue cornflowers layered with hazelnut and a elegant vetiver base. Very nice, something I would definitely gift to a man in my life. Lastly but by no means least. Green Wheat and Meadowsweet (what a mouthful to say hey!) This was probably one of my least favourites but that's ok! Still though it notes of green wheat zesty grapefruit were layered to make that sweet smell. It was intwined with white meadowsweet all together to give a powdery, grassy scent.

So once we had smelt all 5 we were told to pick our favourite as that was the scent that we would use when getting a luxurious hand and arm massage. When it came to me getting one I decided to go for the Primrose and Rye, I really couldn't get over how amazing it smelt. Jo Malone love layering their scents together and we were shown how Mimosa and Cardamom could be layered with Primrose and Rye.  It really is an art. Oh my god. It was dreamy, the massage was so relaxing that I think I could have fallen asleep if I was laying down in all honesty. Firstly we used a foam to smooth and clean the arm which was gorgeous and then with the Mimosa and Cardamom body creme where I got a gorgeous massage on our arm and hands and it was amazing! I was then told to smell my arm and not only was it soft it also smelt amazing. I see why people use Jo Malone as a moisturiser because it was divine. Finally we layered it with the spring scent and I genuinely did not shower last night just so I could smell me it was that good. We were also allowed to spray ourselves with both perfumes and so whenever I moved I smelt the heavenly aroma.

Bobbi Brown were also there and we could get complimentary makeovers. I'm not usually someone that doesn't like the whole heavy make up look. I like to wear it, but not seem like I'm wearing too much. However, I asked for a glowing healthy look. Again, I did not want to take this off (but don't worry I did) So I not only do I want the perfume I also want the bronzer from Bobbi Brown!

Lastly we were so kindly gifted a box from Jo Malone (how amazing is that!) And shown how to create that signature ribbon Jo Malone tie - so much more difficult than it looks! For a finishing touch we were given a ceramic tile to tie around the top of the bag with our initials in the Jo Malone font what a cute little touch right! 

So with a big grin on my face and smelling great I travelled home and as soon as I saw my boyfriend and his mum I shoved my neck in their noses so they too could smell how great I smelt and they agreed, it was very lovely!

Now these 5 scents won't last for long! We were told that they would only last on the shelves for 2-3 weeks and then that's it! They wouldn't be around again! So while I dream of Primrose and Rye and probably end up buying it you should go go go now before it's too late!!
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