Sunday, 3 June 2018

A Pretty Little Thing Holiday Haul

England is actually hot and has been for a good couple of weeks. It's quite a big rarity here in the UK so I've been making the most of my summer wardrobe and wearing it as much as possible as well as adding to it. The more summer clothing I add the longer it will stay hot and sunny right? So with that idea in mind I went full blown over on PrettyLittleThing and ran to the Holiday Shop because nothing screams summer like a bit of summer holiday shopping and pretending to plan that Santorini or Italian holiday in your head. But in reality I'll just be swanning around Brighton Beach in these gorgeous pieces.

PrettyLittleThing very kindly allowed me to pick some pieces that would help me create my summer wardrobe for the season and honestly I took so long scrolling through, mostly because their was just too much choice and I wanted it all. However the pieces I decided on I am in love with!

The first outfit I went for was this gorgeous striped two piece. Now I have recently decided to change my whole look on instagram as I want something a little more sophisticated and what better way to start than by picking a clothing colour palette. As I was searching through I stumbled through this and ticked three of the colours all in one outfit, Jackpot!

 With a cute tie front top and a simple mini pencil skirt you can really create a summer vibe with all the gorgeous neutral tones. There is just something about this top that has me feeling quite outgoing and I love how I can continue to get that bikini tan as I wonder around or sip a few drinks or even just forget a bikini and head to the beach. I also was kindly sent these sliders which have actually received lots of compliments. I feel western vibes are making a return and these simple sliders with a western buckle are a perfect way to incorporate that trend, plus still hitting the colour palette. One thing I do recommend is sizing up for the top if you are a little larger in the breast area and just staying your normal size for the skirt, which FYI wear nude underwear with because it is a little see through, but who really minds when an outfit is this cute?

 The next holiday outfit is this gorgeous bardot. Blue being another colour I want in my wardrobe I opted for this colour although they do so many colours. I paired it with a white denim skirt and a black bag and sandal as well as adding this gorgeous layered necklace, I am all about gold jewellery for summer especially if you have that golden tan I just love it! But this blue bardot is stunning. With two tie up details (be careful of a little too much nip) and a cute off the shoulder detail which again before for the summer. I just think it's perfect and something nice about it if you're not all for showing your arms.

Now this two piece and I semi turned into a dress. I got a size too big and perhaps it's because you can tie the two shoulders so could just do with a tightening but because it felt so baggy I styled it with a belt to pull it all in and give me a little shape so if you want to wear it as proper separates I suggest buying down a size from your usual. But again in keeping with the colour palette I want hints of reds and things in my wardrobe too. Again I styled it with black accessories and the sliders just to pull all together and the western vibes with my belt and sliders. Nailing that trend I feel.

Lastly is this outfit. The most simple of them all, but nonetheless no less cute. Just a simple stone colour crop top and some black denim shorts. I ordered this crop top in a size medium and thank god as I don't think it would have covered much if I had got it in my size. I probably would have sized up again if I had known how cropped it was just because I'm not a huge fan of my tummy as you can tell. (signing up for the gym this evening) and with the shorts I would have sized down because they really are MOM style and I have turned them up to make them a little shorter. However if I can get that toned tummy I will definitely be wearing this to a festival we have planned in August because I know I can do silly things and not worry about flashing. Plus it's uber comfortable with that knitted vest.

Also this is a quick introduction to my new hair! As you can see in my first ones, my hair is a different colour and I've gone for a blonde balayage! Which I am still getting used to but beginning to love!

That's it for my holiday and the beginnings of a strict wardrobe colour palette which is fine by me. I'm so glad that the weather is still warm enough for these pieces. But to be fair you could wear the tops with jeans if the weather is cooler. But regardless I will be wearing these pieces throughout the summer and continue that whole holiday vibe.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Get Ready For The Wedding Of The Year With The Amazon Fire TV Stick

Guys, it's fast approaching! We only have 2 days left until the Royal Wedding and I heard it's going to be bigger than William and Kate's! I remember during their wedding I was still at school so we were given that day off and I remember the sun shining and all sitting down as a family to watch it, it was so exciting and such a lovely atmosphere so I can't wait for that to all happen again. 

One reason I love a big event like this is - well I have to put my hands up. I am just super nosey. I absolutely love a wedding and I am constantly scrolling through pinterest looking at ideas and themes for my own that I hope to have one day. So for me, I love having a nosey at what colour scheme they chose, the flowers chosen, what the guests will be wearing and most importantly the wedding dress. I can't begin to imagine the slight stress Meghan may of had thinking about the dress, after all let's be honest it's going to be one of the biggest spoken about things. I've already seen polls on taking guesses on who the designer of the dress is! Also how could I not forget that a lot of us are probably wanting to see Harry in his military attire and also he may be without that beard and who doesn't have a little crush on Harry?

Do I need to sound anymore excited?  There are so many aspects that I want to nosey in on and thanks to Amazon who kindly gifted me the Amazon Fire Tv Stick I can now watch the wedding live thanks to this stick. It's sitting plugged and waiting for Saturday. However, it's not the only time I've been using it to gear myself up to this day. My friend has been asking me to watch The Crown on Netflix for absolutely ages and I have finally caved. I mean what better time to get into such a program than on the run up. Especially when it's got the Queen Elizabeth and Philip starring in it (not actually them, but their story) and with the first episode having the two's wedding it couldn't be more appropriate. I am totally hooked and can't stop watching.

So with all the anticipation of wanting to be nosey and gearing myself up with a bit of The Crown every evening I think you could say I am one excited little bean and will definitely be bringing out the champagne, popcorn, posh chocolates and totally getting one of those crowns on my head ( a girl can dream of being a princess) as I watch the wedding unfold on Saturday 19th May using my trusty Amazon Fire TV Stick to watch live coverage.

What will you be doing? Will you be watching and if so where will you be?

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Putting The Pressure On Yourself

 Most Evenings Sam and I plan to sit down and watch a tv series together. We make sure we're already for the next day, make the bed all cosy and then jump on in to get watching. However, most of the time we're not 100% sure what is going on in the series because we are glued to our phones. Both avid scrollers of instagram and we just can't seem to get off them. Even when we say no phone we some how find ourselves on them. Yes I know that's REALLY bad when you know you can't stay off them. I mean people upload on Instagram all the time so I have to keep up to date right?

But with the feeling of having to keep up to date comes pressure. As someone who isn't shy to say they are working to make this into something to pay the bills it can be hard not to look at numbers and keep an eye on what others are doing. I feel there can be quite a taboo in saying that someone is working on this so that one day it can be their job. But to be fair it's something I enjoy and who doesn't want a job they love? But it can get hard when you watch your likes and followers a lot. It can be disheartening when you don't get those likes you wanted or if your followers don't go up as quick as you like. Recently I've been stuck in the 1.8K region for quite some time and it does get to me. Am I posting the right stuff? Is my content getting boring? What do people want? It's draining. I think when I get like this it's important for me to take a step back. Even if its just for a night I put it away and leave it alone. Sometimes I meditate and focus on my affirmations. Other times I just have a night with Sam. That way I can come back the next day feeling refreshed. Then I really focus on not looking on my profile. I post content as usual. But don't touch the photo or click my profile after. I just engage and leave meaningful comments on others content.

I have actually seen the benefits of doing this as I recently did gain 40+ followers after not caring. So it's true what they say. If you don't care in your numbers they actually go up. And although I anticipating this taking off I need to remember it's not about numbers in the first place and I do it because I love style. I love making friends through blogging. And I love taking and editing my photos the whole process brings me so much joy. This week also a friend from work said how she could see the aura around me glow when I talk about blogging and working hard on it and that's enough for me. For someone to notice my aura with the whole concept of blogging.
Another thing that I feel pressured by is creating and getting content noticed. With thousands. If not millions of gorgeous girls all working on their brand and trying to get noticed it can be very difficult. Trying to keep up with the trends and posting the most up to date outfits is hard. If they're not up to date then you lose out on chances to be reposted by that brand, which can organically help your own brand grow. Another thing I feel pressured about is my look. Now I would never alter anything about my body to grow an audience. But you see all these girls doing amazing and I can't help but notice the constant gorgeous tans, stunning nails and the golden hair that many seem to have. And for me, I have stubby nails because I have a bad habit of picking them, and I only let my skin tan when it's summer. I have to be honest though. Without the pressure of feeling like I have to change I have started fake tanning and actually feeling the benefits of feeling more confidence when having that tan. I have also considered nails. Not because they would look better for the gram, although I do envy the look when people take photos holding things as I always attempt to hard my awful fingers. Lastly the idea of getting balayage. I have been thinking about trying the idea of a blonde balayage for summer I can't help but thinking all of these things I have started doing or want to do is it because subconsciously it's because I've been seeing it online all the time? Am I going to fall into the instagram cliche? It also makes me feel a little bit like a hypocrite considering the things I see working and could be seen as feeling pressured to do is also something I'm doing because I 100% want to.

The last reason. Although also going back to the idea of turning this into a career is the guilt of not knowing really what to do with my evenings. Weekends are spent getting content and as much of it as possible. Most weekends I shoot between 5-7 outfits and that will last me about 2 weeks worth of content. But during the working week I come home and the main thing and probably only thing I do is interact with people on instagram and occasionally through their blogs. Although I know that is very important and I very much enjoy doing it I feel their is more I could be doing. However I don't know what that is. So I always feel pressure in the fact that I could be doing more. I could be getting my brand noticed further and yet apart from interacting I don't really know how. So I pressure myself to try and figure this out and still getting nowhere. It's a very tricky world.

It's tricky indeed. But it is something that I absolutely enjoy. I love creating content. I love working hard to create new and better things and getting to know people who share the same interest. I love feeling inspired enough to want to try things I wouldn't necessarily do before - i.e. change my hair or try out nails to not only look good but help my own grow.  I think when you're feeling the pressure it's important to take a step back and remember why you do it and what you enjoy about it. No matter whether its a hobby, your career or a career path your starting to embark on.

Sunday, 29 April 2018

The Year I Stop Saying Sorry

The other week @kelseyinlondon put three instagram stories up. They were talking about how if you read captions in instagram posts a lot of the time people apologise for things. We'll see people say things like, sorry another post with this outfit (I'm actually guilty of this myself). People apologise for parts of their body, things like apologise for how tired I look or how my hand is placed or how wrinkly my knee looks.. I know right! Countless times you also see, sorry last of my holiday snaps.

We are constantly apologising for our flaws or posting something too much and what Kelsey was saying is please stop! If you loved that outfit please post it, if you wear it all the time please do. In fact we hope you do as you did pay for it at the end of the day and you need to get your moneys worth, plus you look so fabulous in it so you do you hun! I want to see how you style it, if you style it in different ways, make it look dressy or don't make it look dressy thats absolutely amazing and if you wear it exactly the same as you always do then PERFECT because it clearly makes you happy and we want to see happiness blooming everywhere.

Again with the travel and holiday photos. You worked hard to go on holiday and you are having a fabulous time so makes us all jealous while we are suffering in the rain. Post that cocktail, sunset, bikini shot because they look fabulous and give many of us that wanderlust need. If you still post about your holiday when you get home, great. You clearly got some great snaps and why wouldn't you want to share them. After all instagram and blogging is for sharing imagery.

Finally apologising for things that you think aren't right with your body, lets just hone in on the first paragraph I wrote. Why are we so worried and feel like we need to apologise for it. 9/10 no one is going to notice and even if they did would they comment, I mean maybe if they're a keyboard warrior. But don't people only write nasty things when they are jealous, feeling low in their own selves or perhaps they are just not very nice people. So we shouldn't take any notice and if its for the reason of feeling low in themselves then we should try and help them to become happier. Love your body, don't draw out the flaws because they're not even flaws anyway and you look absolutely stunning. Remember that.

The reason I write this post is because I am serial sorrier.. yes it's not a real word but I say sorry all the time! Weather its for the reasons I mentioned above, because lets be honest we have all probably been guilty of doing at least one of them. But also I say sorry a lot in my day to day life. It can be as simple as bumping into someone by accident (of course it's polite to apologise) But Sam is constantly telling me to stop saying sorry. We can be at home and I can just shuffle in bed and I'll say sorry and pretty much all the time when I say it to him he always asks what I'm sorry for because he hasn't even noticed and then laughs because he just finds it so ridiculous that I would even apologise for it.

I'll apologise for accidentally dropping things on the floor, even if I am picking them up straight away, I'll apologise for accidentally getting in someones way if we cross paths. I'll apologise if I send someone to get something and realise it's closer to me. I'll apologise for making a loud noise or having to repeat myself. Anything. I mean reading these back of course some I guess you would apologise for because it's just polite like mentioned. But it drives me crazy when I say it for things I know don't need it. I'm sure as well it drives people I'm close to crazy. It's not ok.

That's why I think this year we should all have a year of less sorry. We should do what makes us happy and not apologising for posting those x, y and z on our Instagrams. They're ours to do what we wish with. As for saying sorry about things we don't need to say sorry for it can be harder. Sam picks up on it quite a lot and tells me not to be. But you could start up a money jar and £1 goes in every time you unnecessarily say sorry. I might even take that tip up by myself.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

The Day To Night LWD

DRESS: SIMILAR HERE | JACKET: TOPSHOP | BAG: H&M (similar here) | SHOES: TOPSHOP (similar here)

So we're all aware how important it is to have a little black dress, but I think during the spring/summer it is especially important to also have a little white dress for those times you want to mix it up a little bit. So when I came across this dress I instantly put two outfits together in my head. One that I could wear swanning through the Laines in Brighton on a hot day and walking along the beach and the second dressed up, boot heels, leather jacket, hair up and having a few drinks with the girls or on a date. That instantly made me fall in love with the dress and I knew I had to have it.

 I'll be honest when it first arrived I was a little hesitant. It was very rufflery, not something I was used to. But I very much liked that the sheer panels had a skin tone under layer (who else has bought dresses with a sheer type look and it's been sheer in all the wrong places and you then couldn't actually wear it) Well this has nailed it and I have clearly been shopping in the wrong places because its the first time I have been able to breath a sigh of relief.

So other than the slight resemblance to a ruffled lamp shade - you know the ones. I felt it looked amazing. The ruffle detail hides any lumps and bumps that you may not be keen on and the polka dots and ruffles do really spice up what could be a simple LWD. Have I said ruffles enough? Also can I mention that the neckline is just perfect. I am not one to show my boobs too much, I quite like to hide them so again this is a tick.

Now moving onto the ways of styling it. It doesn't just have to be one of those pieces you wear just for those special occasions. I decided to see if I could dress it down completely. Like mentioned above, picture beach walks with an ice cream in hand - of course bending at awkward angles because we do not want that bright pink delicious strawberry ice cream staining this dress. But I just love the casual vibe of an oversized denim jacket, straw bag and espadrilles. I mean doesn't it just look uber summery. I think I may just have to skip spring and jump straight to summer because I want to wear this outfit so much.

However if going out is your thing and you think you'd rather style it for going out then dar dar! I'm not much of a going out kinda girl as I'm sure I've mentioned. Give me all the Netflix/amazon prime series and a take away any day! But if and when I very occasionally go out I'm chucking away my LBD's because this is going to be my vibes. I felt like grudging it up a little. We know its not that hot in England when the sun goes down so a leather jacket is a must. I don't really wear heels so although I know we're going to warmer weather my toes would go away. I also have pretty poor circulations so my toes get cold pretty quickly and I will start whinging if that happens. But I think it gives it a cool monochrome vibe and plus at least when I have a dance I can shake the ruffles!

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

My Spring WishList

Ok, so I may have skipped spring dressing and jumped straight into summer. But look at these pieces!  Definitely on a bit of a Topshop Hype and could definitely of just made this into a Topshop wish list but, oh well. It could have something to do with the fact that there was rumours of 21 degrees this week and for us Brits that means legs out, beach towels over shoulder and heading to the beach. Yeah we're kinda mad like that. Plus, I'm a big wishful thinker and I just keep picturing me on beaches in all these pieces, so maybe I just need to book a couple of summer holidays so I can wear these pieces.

But I know my wardrobe needs a big spring/summer revamp so I can feel fresh as a daisy so why not try new things. Plus isn't that suit too cute, imagine that with the button vest and the cream espadrilles. Yes, both the black and cream made the list because they both can really make an outfit look so different and I am one of those people that gets the same thing twice in the white and black. The colours just make such a different to an outfit!

Also I totally want a rope bag for those sandy beach photos with the big oranges. I literally scream Instagram cliché. So if anyone wants to take a few road trips to camber sands this season hit me up because I want all the beach/sand dune photos!

All the items are linked below so click away and spend spend spend.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

The Boohoo X Zendaya Edit - The Lilac Suit


Hello, I thought I would write just an old school outfit post today. Because I mean I think this suit needs it's own post really and I actually enjoy posts where someone talks about the outfit and maybe throws in a little life update, so let's get to it!

As with many outfits I seem to upload recently I always use the phrase *If you had asked me a year ago..* but yes this outfit needs that phrase again because my style is really evolving a lot a this year and I'm finding myself massively in clothes and styling and I actually enjoy every day opening my wardrobe and thinking yes, I'll grab that and style that with this and this. However my bank balance isn't feeling quite the same but it's surviving nonetheless and hey we get a new pay check every month so..

Anyway, onto the outfit! Look at the colour to start with. Stunning right? Zendaya dropped an amazing edit on boohoo and honestly if you haven't checked it out, where have you been?! It's an edit full of stripes, dresses and tailored pieces. So there is totally something for everyone and perfect to add a little something something to your spring/summer wardrobe. But things are selling out quick so click here to get your mitts on some items now! I mean unfortunately my suit is out of stock too, but keep your eyes peeled as I'm sure it will be back!

But yes back to the suit. When I first put it on I jumped out of the car *glamorous car change there* and just said "I'M AN EASTER BUNNY" I was so out of my comfort zone with this. It is NOTHING like I have ever worn before. But you know what, I took a breath and thought no. I am going to rock it. I twirled round the streets in the quiet town that is Lewes and didn't care. I don't think the folk of Lewes knew what had hit them. It's very tailored so thats where dressing it down with a tee and even knotting the tee comes into play. That with the trainers I think drops the vibe immediately and why I think I felt more comfortable in the suit. Also another thing to note is the blazer didn't have shoulder pads, thankfully! I am not a shoulder pad girl and again that helps the laid back but pulled together vibe.

I do think though that if I get invited to any formal events - i.e. weddings I may be that girl that brings out the suit. As with heels and a lace cami it could look gorgeous. Even if I just wear that outfit without the blazer it could look so chic. Or vice-vera, jeans, a tee and just the blazer an easy way to channel the whole smart casual vibe. I know we all freak out about and start rocking in a corner thinking what does that mean, what does that mean?! So bam. There is 3 outfits from just one very affordable outfit *kicks self for not taking photos of the other ways to style this suit and make this a 3 ways to wear a suit post* Ah well. At least that's a new post in the back pocket!

And there we have it. The old outfit post done and dusted. That's if you made it to the end and didn't jump over to the Zendaya edit which I know is very tempting right?

I hope we are all well! 

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Being On The Contraceptive Pill And Turning Into A Psycho


I read an article in the summer last year and sent it to a friend. We have a lot of conversations about taking the pill and changes is it's made to us. The article talked about how actually every contraceptive pill makes women depressed or anxious (unfortunately I can't find the article so nothing to back up that this could be the truth, but hear me out). However I have read that studies have shown that taking the pill can lead to higher risks of depression and a huge 80% risk with teens. But after reading this and chatting a lot with my friend and also reading Sophie's post about the pill here and where I got that article study from, I think it's time to write about the affects its been having and still is having on me.

I've been on the pill since I was in year 11. That's 7 years ago. 7 years pumping extra hormones into my body, hormones that have developed and caused such a rollercoaster of emotions. I originally went on it due to painful and heavy periods but then obviously as most people it provided that all in important protection, however it only lasted about 4 years, maybe even less. Who knows when I felt a change really. I started on the standard Microgynon like most people. The pain and heavy flow went and it was wonderful plus once you get into a routine it really isn't all that hard to remember taking it every day. But then after a while even when the reminder alarm goes of all I think is eurgh not again.

Because I thought it was Microgynon I went to the doctors and mentioned the affects I was feeling with my moods and having the tendency to go from happy to pissed off to sad rather quickly and for silly little reasons I felt paranoid about unnecessary things and above all it's when my anxiety appeared. I mean sometimes I'd cry if I'd had a really good day with my friend and then I'd be leaving them and mostly recently 9 times out of 10 after spending time with a friend I leave worrying that I'd said something stupid and that that person wouldn't want to be my friend anymore. Crazy much? I mean there are so many little spats that I have blown out of proportion between Sam and I and after I have felt a little silly for over-acting. But at the time I cannot control the anger and upset I feel no matter how much I try to tell myself its not that bad the mood over rides any sane feelings and bam, psycho Beth is making a scene and causing drama over something that we shouldn't really be having this full blown argument about.

I've heard that after a good few years you should take a break from taking the pill, but it isn't due to the changes in your wellbeing, well mood wellbeing anyway. But because of what it can do to us women being able to have little people. However, I think for our sanity we should take breaks like every 5 years. Or you know give men a turn.. but that's a whole other chat.
The temptation to just throw all my pills in the bin and not bother with it is unreal. I can even tell the weight of my shoulders I would feel. It would be so up lifting. But then what? Again I recently mentioned the whole contraceptive pill to my friend and again we started joking about the freak outs we've had which we know is down to the pill and I literally just said, I want to stop. I cannot do it any more. I've had enough of something controlling my emotions. I mean granted since focusing on the positivity aspect of my life as I mentioned here, I have felt slightly calmer however I can feel my hormones burning away, waiting to erupt again and enough is enough!

So my friend mentioned that actually there is a injection we can get and it's not supposed to have any hormones whatsoever in it. It's an injection that we think get's injected into out butt cheeks (glamorous right) and you just have to have it re-injected every 3 months. So I think this is the next trial. I want to go and talk it out with a doctor in the easter holidays and maybe even go ahead with it because I am so ready for the real Beth Apps to return! I would just be so intrigued to feel the changes creeping back and not have to worry about when the psycho is going to rear her ugly head you know?!

So if I do go ahead with I'll totally update you guys!