Thursday, 28 December 2017

Styling Velvet For A Casual Look


Hello lovelies, how were your christmases? I hope they were full of happiness however you spent them! And if you don't celebrate Christmas, well I hope you enjoyed the days to relax and rejuvenate. Mine has been spent with plenty of food and laughter and the food is still flowing now, which is totally ok with me and it's actually the first year that I have been able to eat and eat so I am fully embracing this.

Just before christmas I was introduced to this brand Tobi and I am so excited that I was because I think it could be a new favourite brand of mine. As I was looking to link this dress I already came across stuff that I didn't know I needed but now desperately need. When they contacted me I was kindly allowed to choose 3 items to style and so I opted for this velvet dress and got it in the colour teal, I was torn between this and the blush colour but I thought that teal would be different and since everyone is loving the blush velvet just like me I didn't want to over do it. I chose to style it in a casual way as I feel a lot of people see velvet as a dressy material and due to working in a school I am always grabbing for my jeans and wanted to find some outfits that would stop me doing this and now I am itching to go back after the new year (not really) and wear this outfit to school. I think it works so well with the roll neck and still keeps me warm. I am also wanting to style it with a white long sleeved top as I feel that could bring out the teal colour little more. 

I also then styled it with my boots because I am obsessed with these still and they really do add a few inches to little ole 5"2 me! I feel this whole outfit screams wintery vibes and I am loving it. I actually wore it christmas eve and I'm dying to get it all washed so I can wear it again. It's a firm favourite and it's definitely going to see me through spring too. I can't wait to style the dress with short sleeved tees as well and a leather jacket and even with my hi top converse. I feel it's such a versatile piece.

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 Elizabeth Apps x


  1. I absolutely LOVE how you've styled this - I'm going to go check out Tobi now! xxx

    1. Thank you so much lovely and definitely do, such a good brand! xxx