Sunday, 3 December 2017

Party Season: The Dressed Up Look


It's that time of year! I guess you'll hear a lot of that during this month, I know I've already written that phrase already during my gift guide bonanza. But yeah, party wear season is upon us and for the first time in forever I have two work christmas parties to attend and potentially a new years eve party. That meaning am in full browsing mode for outfits to wear and this year I have actually found a good few outfits I'd wear, which is rare for me as I am a total casual girl at heart and anything slightly dressy I run in the opposite direction. I guess it must have something to do with feeling so confident with my style at the moment.

But anyway, yes I have titled this the dressed up look. Some may disagree and I'm sure some could dress this up further. But putting on heels and a pretty silky like dress is dressy for me and so the title is going to stick. Onto the dress. Isn't the colour just perfect for this time of year?! I am a sucker for burgundy and when I saw this I just new it would be perfect, not only is it appropriate for the work do due to the neck line not being too low, the silk likeness of it just gives it such a glammed up look, I am in love with it. I love the little waist detail too because you can pull the dress up to make the waist detail look a lot better too. But I wasn't a fan of how short it made it so did vote against it, but still I love the choice.

I paired it with some heels just to dress it up that little extra to show what I'd do if I was going all out and I really like it. The heels are pretty simple so it doesn't take away from the dress too much. I think a strap around the ankle can be so simple but also quite sexy. My heels are quite a block heel as I can't really walk too well and they kill my feet but you can definitely pair it with a thinner heel, I think if you are wearing gold jewellery if you find the right pair of gold heels it could look quite nice, or it could look tacky you decide! 

Lastly, is the necklace. Now it's not pictures too well but it is my absolute favourite at the moment. I'm loving accessorising at the moment and I feel layered necklaces work so well. Not to mention that this has moons and stars which I am a massive fan of at the moment. But don't worry I'm sure you'll see better pictures of this necklace soon because I don't take it off!

So who is excited for the party season? Have you found anything yet? If so I'd love to hear what ideas you have!

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 Elizabeth Apps x


  1. Love the waist detail on this - and you're definitely right about the colour, it's perfect for winter!


  2. I love the colour of this dress! such a good choice for the festive season.

    lizzie .x

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  4. Silk is not so favorite but, I love the way how you doll up with the black sandals :)

  5. You look gorgeous in this dress! I love the satin texture! This look is definitely perfect for the holidays!

    xo, Chloe //

  6. Beth, you look incredible! You deffo suit the dressed up look! That colour looks amazing on you! Miss you heaps xxxx

  7. Girl that dress looks AMAZING on you! Love how you've styled it with the scrappy sandals (it's great sometimes to minimise on accessories and let the dress do the talking - especially when it's as pretty as this one!).

    Hayley xo

  8. I love the bold colour of this, it is really stunning and suits you a lot! xx