Wednesday, 13 December 2017

On The Journey Of Finding My Personal Style


For a while now I've really struggled with finding my style and all of that rubbish I've spoken about before here. But recently I really have enjoyed just shopping for me and not worrying too much on what other bloggers are doing or wearing and through that I feel I am slowly finding a style I love and feel comfortable in.

Even looking back on my blog some of the outfits just don't feel me and although I don't hate them even looking back I can tell that's not me. I mean of course I'd love to be able to pull of the really fashionable looking outfits, keep up with all the trends and although I would love to dress like many bloggers as I am always in awe when they post outfits and they look all glamorous and amazing and I still spend hours finding similar items or pining over their exact item, I just do not suit the style that some bloggers wear. It could be because my lifestyle is so different. I mean for one, 5 days a week I am spending my time playing and teaching children so if I went in dressed to the nines I'd probably get some looks and although I'm worried this could hinder my 'getting noticed' and drawing in an audience just because I'm not wearing what everyone seems to be; although I am fully aware that isn't the be all and end all of blogging. I mean I love seeing my numbers grow but I also just love putting content to together and blabbering about my thoughts on the internet and just hope others also enjoy my waffles, and I'm really not trying to blow my own horn and scream things like 'oo look at me I'm not following the trends as such or look I'm trying to be different'

That's why from now on I'm going to focus on what I like to wear and if it's just throwing on a tee and jeans with a pair of trainers and an oversized denim jacket of some sort than so be it. I'll wear it and I'll feel super cool in it. I said this year would be the year I finally find my style and that's exactly what I'm doing, I'm trying not too much at what others are wearing (although I still take major style inspo from many bloggers) and just enjoy shopping for me and I feel I'm nailing my style. In fact for once I feel excited to dress for winter and practice layering and sorts. I think I mentioned before that I was going to concentrate on affordable fashion and showing you how to style pieces again and again in different ways. But when I wrote that, I didn't listen to myself and I spent a lot of energy agonising about not feeling like I dress like a blogger (if there even is a blogger style) and wasting lots of money to get a piece just because others had it. I'm not saying I won't ever wear trend pieces because if I like a trend of course I'll buy it. I feel I do still wear things that are 'on trend'. I'm just not going to keep feeling the pressure to dress just to fit in.

But yeah, that's my little ramble on my style, it's really not ground breaking and it's not vastly different from what others wear, although it sounds like it is, but it feels more me and I'm just excited to get out and take photos show you what I love wearing and outfit repeat (not completely) but really show you my personal style.

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Elizabeth Apps x


  1. Your whole outfit is cute! Plus is it just me or does a coffee cup always add and completes the aesthetic of pictures lol. Lovely post!


    1. They definitely add to the aesthetic that's for sure haha xx

  2. Loved this post Beth! You look fabulous! You're such a great writer and deffo never feel pressured to dress a particular style because its on trend, be ya perfect self! Your style is still bomb af ! ;D

    Saffy xx