Wednesday, 1 November 2017

November Goals

 What a great coincidence, the first of November lands on a Wednesday so this new kinda post doesn't ruin my uploading schedule just yet and maybe it's a sign that I've made the right choice to make this a monthly post because A it means I'll at least have a new post monthly and B it's a way I can see my goals for each month written down.

01 - November is all about finding my blogging groove, I vow to blog as often as possible because I know it's what I love. I get sad and stressed when I don't have content to post on my blog or instagram and so I am really going to knuckle down and write down any idea and try and spend a good few days getting content, which for mean will mean at the weekends due to my weekday job, but it'll be worth it!

02 - Health. I say it all the time but this month I need to drink way more water than I do, my skin and body will love me for it and I know that. I'm also going to start doing home work outs 3 times a week, because then I get a few days to let my muscles heal (I did a HIIT work out and could barely walk for 2 days - that shows how unfit I am) and also I want to start meditating daily. My emotions are so all over the place, I lash out easily, I get sad easily and I really have been reading about the benefits of meditation and so that's what I'm going to do. We really do need to look after ourselves and our bodies so this is a big goal for me this month.

03 - No more spending. A pretty simple one, but bar starting to buy presents for loved ones for Christmas I'm going to stop spending on myself, I keep buying clothes as I love that I've found my own personal style, but I really need to start saving to move out as I really am ready to have my own place, not to mention dreamy interior design I always find myself pining over. So apart from meeting and see people now and again (because we all need to live a life) I'm going to stop being so spendy.

I think that's it for now, start of small and the more I work at my health and blog I'm sure the goals will be rolling out at what I want to achieve. So here we go let's make the most of this month!

Elizabeth Apps x


  1. I love this post! :)

  2. I really need to get into meditation too! Even 2 minutes a day is benefitial. Also, LOVE that photo xx

    1. Yeah I think you're right, it always sounds so beneficial! Thank you lovely, it's been sitting in a folder for ages that photo xx

  3. I'm so not ready for christmas shopping! Also I love my morning meditation but I feel like there is not enough hours in the day at the moment to do anything haha xx