Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Is Blogging Dead?

Recently I've noted a big change in instagram. Remember the days when instagram really was instant? We could snap a photo of our us and our friends or our food, whether that just be a McDonalds, we'd post photos of us holding nail varnish with our newly painted nails, we'd snap our feet with the latest magazine a bag of sweets and we wasn't planned at all. Plus no one really questioned liking a photo all your friends or followers would just like your photo whether they quickly just scrolled or actually took the time to stop and look at it. Also captions were spars, it would be something a little as just an emoji a little sentence or nothing at all. Of course this isn't the change I'm talking about as this hasn't actually happened for a good few years now.

No, instead everyones posts are planned, posed and usually not instant at all. Days are used to get those shots for the grid, professional cameras are used and we agonise over what to write as a caption and remember to include those hashtags as practically no one will see your post other wise. The precision of all of this intensifies as the years go on. Some people follow strict themes, some have a style they put with their captions. People have really upped their game and I'm not moaning about it at all I love seeing all the beautiful photos, I take the time to read the captions no matter how long, I am in awe of the themes that people have created on their grids. It make's me want to work so hard to fill up the 3x3 grid with new photos daily and go out to snap my outfits and think about those captions as well as watch my numbers and engagement grow. But it got me thinking about blogging as a whole.
I realised that I work a lot harder on my content for instagram then I do my blog, one it's easier to keep up with as we can upload a photo, write a caption whether it's related to the outfit or not and then add those all important hashtags. Notifications instantly appear on my phone when someone likes, comments and follows me so I can quickly interact back and can easily do it anywhere. However, enjoy writing blog posts, in fact I find it super therapeutic to get down my thoughts and feelings plus it's a bigger space to get everything down in one place and I still write ideas down and try and plan as much as possible. But although a lot of people are still clearly blogging on their blogs I feel for interaction it's beginning to take a back seat.

I feel brands are approaching people purely based on their instagram now days, people interact way more through that platform than a blog and even as a very very small blog I've noticed the difference, I care more about my engagement on instagram then I do my blog, the blog groups on facebook if they say you can post any social media platform to help gain followers or just likes I tend to put my instagram down before my blog. People have begun to write larger, more personal captions so their followers can get to know them through that platform and so I ask, do you think blogging is dead? Do you think it's more about the one photo and the sometimes large caption, is instagram taking over?
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Elizabeth Apps x


  1. I'm really going off Instagram - even though it seems like it's the place to be at the moment. I don't like the way I'll see a photograph at the top of my timeline and then realise it was posted 2 days ago - the "instant" part is definitely long gone now!

    1. Yeah I hate that part of it but I love love seeing all the dreamy photography and getting to know people through their captions xx

  2. Completely feel you with this post.. It definitely seems like there's so many 'influencers' out there and fewer and fewer bloggers. I love blogging though, I think it's important to have that real outlet without having to get the "perfect picture" and worry about engagement or likes.

    Sometimes I feel that my Instagram is for my followers, and my blog is more for me.

    Great post girl,
    Ali xxx

    1. I think I completely agree, I write for the sheer joy of it and creating photos to go with the content is so fun, blogging was what got me in to all of this to begin with so it makes sense I can continue to create for where it all began xx

  3. Hi Beth, hope everything's well!

    I've really liked your post. But atually I've found a few differences between our two countries.

    First of all, Instagram is very popular in Spain. Specially among young people. Truly, I would say it is much more popular than blogging and Facebook (which, by the way, is much more used in the UK).

    Back to Instagram, we also tend to plan our grids now. However, using hastags is very rare. Engagement is based on the number of followers (who we usually know personally) rather than on sporadic feedback.

    Anyway, I belive that in this globalized world tendencies are pretty similar. This post proves it.

    Keep in touch! ��


    1. Hello,
      see what you've said is actually the points I'm making, instagram is far more popular for bloggers than blogging or facebook nowdays even in the UK, I think the majority use hashtags to try and reach wide audiences and gain engagement. Instagram just grows and grows while other platforms are seeming to take a back seat xx

  4. This post is so refreshing and it made me think a lot more about the way we use Instagram as opposed to say, five years ago. I've just come back from a 1-month Instagram hiatus and I'm using it very differently now... we'll see how it goes.

    I like Instagram because it feels a bit more instantaneous to connect with people than it does on a blog. But, I love blogging because I feel like it's the heart of my content and it can show more of what I do. I think people use Instagram as a mini blogging platform today.

    Really thought-provoking post, thanks for sharing! :)


  5. i actually hadnt thought of this before but now youve mentioned it, i totally agree. i quite often find someone in instagram with 50k + followers...then hop on over to their blog and see under 500. i think instagram has turned much more into a business rather than snapshots of daily life, which it definitely was when it began! i kinda miss the old days...

    katie. xx

    1. Yes I completely agree, it really is all about instagram at the moment and so do i, I think it's far too planned and thought out. What I do like is people using the captions to show more character xx