Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers

There is nothing more exciting than creating a stocking for someone, I love the idea of it, I can't wait to create one for sam one day when we have our own house (don't ask why we need our own place to get each other stockings, it just makes sense to me) You can feel them with little knick nacks that can be esseintal and just cute little I saw this and thought of you kinda gifts. I just love love the whole idea.

So although this is more aimed at girls I'm sure you can adapt it for boys and I'll try and write vice versa options as I go. But first like the gift guide for him I don't think you can go wrong with socks in a stocking to be honest, they are always needed and who actually wants to spend money on them? They can be cosy loungewear socks, day to day socks or novelty comical socks lots of options here.

Mugs are fail safe to. I know when I have my own house there are 4 things it going to be full to bursting with one being mugs, I just find them so pretty! This one from anthropologie is just so beautiful! They really do do an amazing selection. Alternatively for a boy you could get them one of those drinking sets you see in places like asda, for example I know sam would be happy with something like this one or any drink gift set they sell. Although you could just get a guy a more manly mug if they do enjoy a good hot choc.

On the topic gift sets, most stores sell skincare/haircare/makeup gift sets and they can be a good present to put in a stocking and I know I'm always grateful to receive some sort of set as I love a good pamper.

Books/stationary also perfect, I am a massive book lover so I'd be happy with anything and I love a good selection of stationary too! I like to write anything and everything down to be honest. Same goes for a guy, you might be lucky and know a guy who likes a good read, if not.. gaming points for their console so they can save money on a new game (they can be a bit of an expensive alternative if you choose to get them a whole game as a stocking filler)

Any little trinkets are perfect too, make up bags, jewellery, candles, warm accessories i.e a beanie, scarf, even little games you can buy that you know will only get played with on Christmas day, because let's be honest they bring entertainment while the turkey is cooking.

Day 3! What do you think are the perfect stocking fillers?

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Elizabeth Apps x


  1. Replies
    1. thank you lovely, i'm glad you like them!

  2. I agree, anything stationary or planner related is perfect stocking stuffer! Esepcially for girls =p

    1. 100% I am such a sucker for stationary! x

  3. A nice book and cute stationery never fails, who doesn't love a pretty notebook! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  4. Bumble and Bee is one of my favourite hair products! I'd love some of that in my stocking!

    Ali x

  5. Some great products! I love the mug! xx

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