Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Gift Guide: For Him

Aren't boys just the hardest to buy for, whether it be a boyfriend, brother, dad, grandad, uncle friend they all make it difficult and worst of all? When you ask them and even they say they don't know *face palm* Sam is no different he is so difficult and he buys anything he wants most of the time anyway so leave no room for presents. However, this year he is all done and is the first person I have finished shopping for, woo woo!

So here is the for him edition of the 5 days of gift guides in the hopes it might make your shopping a little easier this year.

Now socks a photographed and I assume a few of you rolled your eyes and thought 'realyyy' but hear me out. Do you really hear that a boy has gone and bought his own underwear or socks, it rare right? Unless they NEED to. Well I spoke to sam and he actually said he would be grateful for socks and pants and actually appreciates that that is what I get him for birthdays and Christmas, however I have been told that the socks have to be comical which is fun by me as i get so much joy finding the most ridiculous pair!

Again, I think clothing whether it be a tshirt, jeans, shoes, accessories are pretty good to go for too. Because A you get to pick things you actually like haha or you just get to shop for clothes but through them so you still get that shopping feeling, except you get to see other people wear it. I think a shirt can be a good call because you can never have too many and boys can dress them up and down, not to mention new years eve is a week after so they can wear it for that evening too! And beanie, well January and Fevurary are always beyond cold so they need to stay warm too and I love a beanie on a guy!

To spendy gifts could be a good pair of sunglasses or a fragrance. I love a good smelling guy and I love perfumes so why not pick one, I love it when sam walks past me and I smell his after shave it's just so dreamy, you really cant go wrong with a good smell. Also like the beanie, sunglasses are always need even in winter for those gorgeous sunny but cold days and there is nothing like treating someone to a pair, rayban is my go to!

Lastly, I'm sure I said this in last years but you really can win any male over with chocolate or their favourite beverage, again gin is pictured just because it is my absolute favourite but you could get them anything and a lot of places if you search can do bundles, whether it be your grandads favourite bitter or your dad's favourite cider their will be something for everyone.

And that is Gift Guide day 2 done! I hope that has helped you even just a little with those pesky males in your life!

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Elizabeth Apps x


  1. I love this. Also, Hendricks is THE best gin!!

  2. Hendricks is definitely my favourite gin - I agree with you girls! So true about boys never buying underwear!!

    Ali x

  3. My boyfriend would love that vans hat! I think beanies are such a great buy! xx