Thursday, 30 November 2017

Gift Guide: For The Homebody

If anyone knows me, they will know I am a big fan of staying in, getting cosy and not leaving the comfort of a settee or bed unless I HAVE to (but if you've seen my awful sleep analyse, you'll understand why I'm probably like this) and so that is why this guide was created because it literally describes me.

The way to my heart, well all of these gifts to be honest but I do like a good book, they are perfect for anything. Commuting to work, read. In bed, read. just lazying, read. travelling town, read on the bus. I just love it and do it whenever I can so I am thrilled with a book, I don't tend to buy them for myself often unless it's on my kindle as they are so much cheaper but I do love a good paper book still and so I'm more than happy to receive them.

Another good gift, fluffy socks and good set of pyjamas, preferably matching because I love that. I always feel next, primark and asos do fab selections and I actually have a list of different pyjamas I'd love! Also don't forget a dressing gown I live in mine, I get home from work and it goes straight on. I love it!

Hot bottles are perfect for people like me. I just love to cuddle something warm and oh they're just so cosy, they can keep you warm, help with those pesky period pains some of us ladies struggle with, they are essential to these cold nights!

Lastly but by no means least. Candles. If you share a room with a boy you know these are essential.. only kidding! No I just love good smelling things and there is nothing better than cosying down with a book and smelling a candle hmmm my ideal evening!

Can you believe we're on day 4 already. If you had to describe yourself in a gift guid what would you name it?

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Elizabeth Apps x


  1. I love a good cosy pair of socks or hot water bottle whenever I’m home. Love this gift guide xx

    1. definitely, it's the only way to feel the ultimate cosiness! xx

  2. PJs and candles are always always always on my wishlist!

    Sharni xo

    1. Always!! They really are the best gift xx