Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Saying Yes To More

Another year, another birthday gone and with that comes change sometimes, I've recently been thinking about the word yes and with the growing and getting wiser I've been trying this word out a bit more and what a better time to try it out than right now.

Ever since secondary school I have been quite the introvert, when everyone else would go and sit on the field after school I'd get my mum to meet me straight after school and bring me home, when the girls made plans to go to town I'd stay at home in my pyjamas and binge one tree hill and when my friends went to house parties I sat at home with my parents or spent all evening and night on my laptop, if that doesn't scream introvert I don't know what else does.

However, when I got to year 9 I started saying yes to everything. We didn't get home from school till late evening everyday, I went to every house party and some weekends would get home at 7 in the morning, shower and go straight back out. Every opportunity, any plan and I would be there. That is how I remember my secondary school days anyway. They really were the best, we were always out and doing crazy things. For example one summer some random guys asked my friends if we wanted a ride on their jet ski's when we went to the beach and we said yes (looking back it was a little stupid, anything could have happened) but that's not what we thought of, we thought of making great memories and having an amazing time.

But since leaving secondary school finished and my friendship group separated and pretty much became non existent saying yes became less and less, a lot of it due to my anxiety that developed during college and university and some of it because I was one of those people that wanted to be around their boyfriend 24/7 and lastly because I've developed this rather lazy personality. I was always so worried that if I didn't spend what spare time I had lying around and doing nothing then I wouldn't have the energy to work or do much more. But one day I decided to take the plunge and start doing more. Because of that I've met a lovely group of blogging girls and met them a couple of times, I've been to a couple of events and I've been really enjoying myself.

But the point of this little post and my blabbering (I really do keep getting super personal) is that I recommend if you can to start saying yes to more, you have so many years to lie in bed and do nothing but be lazy. I want those crazy fun stories that you tell your children about, I know I have plenty from my teenage years, but it's time to start creating them from my adult years, it's time to start saying yes to more! Who knows what could happen.

And with that is the end of my very belated birthday type post, or at least thats what I'm saying this is just so I have an excuse to put this birthday themed photo in this blog post!

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  1. Happy belated birthday! I totally agree that saying yes can bring about so many new opportunities and really get you to push yourself out of your comfort zone!

    1. Thank you lovely and it really does make life that little bit more exciting doesn't it! xx

  2. Hey!
    Happy belated birthday first of all!
    And second, loved reading the post and about your beautiful experiences. I’m introverted too but my case these days is different. Back in high school I wanted to go do stuff but I didn’t always have permission from my parents. Then if you ask me today most of my friends have basically ditched me *laughs*. It is sad because none of them have reasons and trust me I am a great friend so it wasn’t me. Just bad luck I guess! (Wow I am ranting too! Haha!) But you’re right, I’ll be taking your advice and start saying yes to more things! Let’s see where it takes me :)
    ~ Saraallie
    Sara Writes ~ The Crazy Life of a Silly Little Sister

  3. I love bday themed blog posts, happy belated!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  4. I loved reading this post! Adorable photo and happy birthday to you! XO

  5. Your blog looks so lovely!
    Xo Victoria