Sunday, 30 July 2017

That Red Wrap Dress


Red dresses, who hasn't seen them around?! So I thought I'd grace you all with yet another red dress. I am all about wrap dresses at the moment I can not stop wearing them, as well as looking at others I so badly want to buy. They really are the ultimate summer dress, just like the skirt you can use the wrap to hide a food baby and what more could you ask for, if you're anything like me and love eating that is! I am so about adding a few more floral and colourful pieces to my wardrobe and this ticks both those boxes!

I am all about a good dress, however I am not all about being super girly and so I paired the dress, like I do with most dresses with trainers and a leather jacket. I love the black colours with a girly dress I feel it really does un girly the whole look. I also cannot get enough of this bag at the moment, I feel it reminds me a little of the zara bag that everyone and their dog seems to have but I got it for free as it was my sisters - the perks huh!? I really dig the chain it really adds something to an outfit I think.

Also anyone noticed how it's not my usual two locations for shooting photos in! How exciting to have a new location, I saw this posted on the @brighton instagram page and just knew it would be the absolute perfect location to shoot a red dress in. I just thought the green door and the wall would compliment the dress so well and I absolutely adore how these photos turned out!

Are there any dresses that you are loving this summer?!

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Photography by my lovely friend: Instagram @AgnesBleach

Elizabeth Apps x


  1. You look beautiful Beth! Deffo a good choice in location <3 xx

    1. Thank you gorgeous and it was fun shooting here! xx

  2. This dress is super cute. I really love how you added a dash of bad ass to the outfit with the leather jacket and the chucks.

    1. thank you! That was the aim so i'm happy you picked up on it! xx

  3. I LOVE this dress! It looks great on you!