Wednesday, 5 July 2017

My 4 Summer Perfumes

I absolutely adore a perfume. It's something I ask for either for my birthday or christmas every year and it's the one thing I never leave the house with out doing. So I thought I'd create a post on the 4 that I have been rotating in the last month and will continue to for the next few.

Dolce and Gabbana - The One - When reading about this perfume it says the top notes are full of fruity tones ranging from citrus tones as well as lychee and bergamont. I've always associated summer scents with light fruity smells and even floral - although I had drifted away from those since my high school days. However The heart notes to this are full of floral tones being jasmine and lily tones with plum in their too. I found that a lot of the perfume I like do have hints of jasmine in them and this perfume also has a base note of musky, amber and vanilla tones which help to ensure the fruity/floral notes aren't too over powering.

Jo Malone -  Sea Salt and Wood Sage:  This perfume is my absolute favourite out of them all. Since it came out I badgered anyone for it and was kindly gifted it by my boyfriend and I really did feel like the luckiest girl. It's perfect for summer due to the freshness that the sea salt brings but then there are some earthy vibes thanks to the wood sage which are two of my favourite tones to any perfume. Plus doesn't the name just scream summer enough! Who doesn't want to smell like a beach and adventure in an essence during the summer season!

Jo Malone - Peony and Blush Suede: I smelt my friend wearing this and ahhh myyyy gawddd! It is divine and she then very kindly gifted this to me too (how lucky am I to be gifted with to Jo Malone perfumes at different times!!) I mean for one who wouldn't like a perfume with the bloggers favourite flower. The site says it's mingled with red apple and jasmine as well as the soft scent of blush suede and to be honest they're right when they say it's luxurious and seductive, I get go so many compliments when I wear this.  - Also side note, if you do have both of these I highly recommend spritzing them on you together because paired the scent is honestly amazing! The compliment each other so well!

Tom Ford - Velvet Orchid - Again Velvet Orchid has notes of jasmine, bergamont and vanilla similar to The One. But with added black orchid, honey and turberose. Again though floral scent isn't to over whelming and I feel with a bit of a fruity note and the help of black orchid really make it fresh as well as a seductive feel to it. I actually really enjoy wearing this on a date night or evening plans because I feel like it's quite a sexy type smell if that's the right way to describe it!

What are your favourite scents for summer? I'd love to know!

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Elizabeth Apps x


  1. I love the jo malone perfumes! They smell so nice! I definitely need to get a new one xx

    1. Thank you lovely and aren't they just amazing! xx

  2. Awesome perfumes !

  3. I really love The One! I'm currently wearing Daisy by Marc Jacobs :) x

    1. It's so nice isn't it! Oooo I love a bit of daisy in spring/summer xx