Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Focusing on experiences and not things.

I have finally finished my 3rd and final teaching placement as part of my Primary Education degree and now I can finally get back into blogging and I'm so ready to go full steam ahead with everything, I'm gonna start taking my camera everywhere, so watch out friends and family you will be pulled into helping me take photos and things. But I thought I'd kick off with a bucket list. I was inspired by Eventbrite, which is a site that allows you to find activities and see what is going on around your local area or further afield. You can also host and organise your own events on this site, check out their online registration page and as I have always been a big believer in spending money on experiences rather than materialistic items I thought I'd create this post. I mean don't get me wrong I love the feeling of buying new clothes and thinking of all the ways to wear them and feeling good in clothing and also I love styling my room and interior design. But none of those will create memories and while I'm beginning to plan and save for travelling it has also got me thinking about all the other ways I can make memories and all things I want to do this year during the saving that will - A allow me to still travel next year and B allow me to experience and enjoy spending time with loved ones and trying out new things. So I had a little think about a bucket list for 2017.

Trying out active experiences: This year my boyfriend and I have decided to do more together and obviously being a boy (sorry for any sexism) He isn't the type to just go and sit and have a picnic (we have to take a football and have a kick about too) or hide away in a coffee shop. So when having a chat one thing I have always wanted to do and he was more than happy to discuss was paint balling, I've always wanted to try this out and so we need to discuss with friends and get a group together. The same goes for white water rafting, We're sure there is a centre around the olympic stadium that we can have a look at so that is another on the list. One thing I have also always always wanted to learn properly to do is Surf and so we are really thinking about taking a few trips down to Newquay this year so we can get into the water and finally learn properly.  I've also wanted to try out the longest zip wire in Europe which is in Wales and even a day of rock climbing would be fun. I just really do enjoy anything active and to get that blood bumping but I just don't do it enough so they're all on the list.

Staycations: It's funny how I think quite a few of us when we think of a holiday we think about hopping on a plane and jetting away for a week or 2. But have you ever thought about all the places in your own country that you've never visited. I am determined to visit a couple of places and plan some road trips this year. I'd love to visit Bath, Torquay, Manchester, Lake District, The Cotswolds, Devon are just a few places I'd like to travel to and explore. I would also like to play tourist in London a bit more as it is only an hour by train and there are still so many things do and see, like the Botanical Gardens, Brick Lane, Columbia Flower Market, Tate Modern, Saatchi Gallery, Box Park, Shoreditch are again just a few of the places I still want to visit in London.

Exploring my own city more: I am very lucky to live in one of the best cities in the UK (In my opinion). Yet I feel like I've got lazy and I know what my favourite places are to eat and things and I get a little funny if someone goes oh have you been here and I think well no but I should have been if I live here and so I've made a pact with myself to actually explore my hometown of Brighton. Explore new places to eat, try new restaurants and bars, go down those little roads instead of sticking to the ones you know well because you never know what you'll find. I just need to play tourist in my town more often and go out with the purpose of literally just walking around and getting of the beaten path.

Elizabeth Apps x


  1. It's so true that experiences are more worthwhile than things. I always find that I look back on them with fond memories and I'm so glad that I spent time and money on them rather than on a skirt I won't even like in a few months! xx


  2. I definitely need to focus on this more. We get so wrapped up in materialistic things that we forget what is happening right in front of us.