Sunday, 12 February 2017

4 Lifestyle Books

 I am an avid book reader. I'm always reading, whether it be blogposts, fiction books, or lifestyle, give me a book and I'll probably read it. I've really been enjoy coffee table books at the moment, my amazon wishlist is full of them and not just for the fact that they make good blogging props. Some of them have really opened up my eyes. Here are 4 that I've really enjoyed at the moment.

The Little Book Of HYGGE: I know every blogger under the sun has mentioned this book but I just couldn't help putting my two pennies worth in about it. It really is a lifestyle I strive to live. I really try to live a lifestyle that is cosy and where I feel happy and content and create a room in which I actually want to escape to and brings me peace and tranquility (one day I will do a room tour) I completely agree what Meik says, in that a big part of hygge is also the company you surround yourself in and I've been doing a lot of thinking about that, something I'm keeping personal and struggling with at the moment, but even so. I love to pick this book up in the evenings curl under a blanket with warm lighting and read a chapter or two because even that in itself just makes me feel so calm and relaxed, it truly is a beautiful book.

The life-changing magic of not giving a f*ck: I read this book back in the summer, I saw it in the airport and I knew I just needed it and so it became my poolside reading. It really did speak to me at the time. I am a person that over worries, that cares a lot about what people think or say about me and I was at a low point when I purchased this book and there were so many points through out where I thought YES! this needs to be me! and bless the girls I think I unrelaxed them through out pool days by getting them to stop what they were doing and listen paragraphs and sentences that really spoke to me. I definitely need to re-read this book a few more times to get some more ideas of just learning not to give a f*ck and live my best life! I actually also want to pick up get your sh*t together, so if you have read that one too let me know your thoughts!

BLOOM: Estee has been one of my favourite youtubers and bloggers since I can remember, her style, interior design and just the kind of woman she comes across as in her videos has always inspired me. So when she released her book I knew I needed to read it! She seems to have had a lot of ups and downs in her life, some that you may find relatable and some not so much. But it really did open your eyes to how she travelled and still is travelling to become the person she is today, she is so open and the messages she has in the book is just truly amazing. I really recommend this book for anyone.

CAPTURE YOUR STYLE: ok so this is a bit of a cheat as I haven't actually read much of this book yet and it's something I plan to indulge and thoroughly read during this half term. I received it at Christmas and did read a few pages and from what I did read really got me thinking. I love instagram, I love taking photos even though I may not do it enough and wish I did more (I struggle to know what to photograph) This books is all about helping you. Through using hashtags, to creating stories through your grid to all sorts and when I finish this placement I plan in diving into instagram and scanning every corner of this book for inspiration and help!
What are your favourite lifestyle books at the moment?
Elizabeth Apps x


  1. I really want to read Capture Your Style, I'm loving Bloom by Estee!

  2. The first two books sound really great..

  3. I hadn’t actually heard of that first book until reading your post, despite the popularity of it! It does sound intriguing though. I might have to see if I can get my hands on it. I really want to read the second one though! I almost thought it was the Marie Kondo book until I read the rest of the title haha I really want to get a copy of that! Thanks for sharing these!


  4. Bloom and The Life Changing Magic Of Not Giving A F**k are both on my book wish list and have been for a while! Seeing how beautiful they are in these pictures and also how many good things you have to say about them makes me want to get my act together and get some new reading material going on! I've heard sooooo many people (bloggers aha) talking about the Hygge book, it seemed to just come out of nowhere over night! But I really want to delve into it myself. Capture Your Style also sounds really interesting, I'm a big fan of photography/Instagram and am always looking for inspiration! Your photography is wonderful, lovely post :-)

    Xo Gemma
    Sunday Somewhere

  5. I LOVE a good lifestyle book! Dying to get my hands on Capture Your Style, Aimee Song is one of my blogger inspirations<3

    Sinéad ♥ Fabuleuse Du Jour

  6. Really tempted into getting 'capture your style'...who knows!
    Loved your book suggestions!

  7. Love the premise of the life-changing book, it sounds bloody brilliant! It sounds like something I could actually really benefit from as well, I tend to struggle with caring a lot about what other people think...I'm working on it.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  8. I loved the Hygge book.. was well worth the hype. Also loved Bloom too! Gorgeous pic by the way! x

  9. i actually want all of the books you mentioned and i might have to do a sneaky little book order before i go on holiday.

  10. Have The Little Book Of HYGGE laying on my bedside table right now, hahaa. It`s actually such a lovely read. And the others are on my wish list for a long time now!
    Lovely photos!!!

  11. I read Get your Sh*t together which is the "sequel" to the life changing magic of not giving a fuck and I absolutely loved it, you should give that a read too!