Monday, 2 January 2017

Twenty Seventeen Goals

HELLO 2017, I hope it's been treating you all well so far! I had the loveliest New Years Eve with my other half and two of my dearest friends, we watched Tangled and Spectre and watched the fireworks at midnight from my best friends new loft conversion window, it was such an amazing view and we had an amazing spread of food it was perfect!

But we've come to that time of year again where many set goals or resolutions and some talk about how silly it is. Me personally I see a new year as a new story, kind of like a start over and so I love to create goals or resolutions that I'd love to achieve this year, I think having them really pushes you to actually achieve things during the year, whether big or small, I feel like if you don't write them down then you're not going to have anything you try to achieve. I'm not harsh on myself when it comes to them, for example if I pick my nails I don't say "Well thats the end of that" and carry on picking them, instead I tell myself off and try again and count how many days I go without, after all they say statistically it takes 21 days to kick a habit. It'll give me a sense of achievement for the year if I complete them and that's why I like them. I thought I'd break it up into sections so I know what I want to achieve this year.

Stop picking my nails! I say this every year, this year I will stop!
Drink more water (2 litres a day to start)
Actually start a proper skincare routine and stick to it, no matter how tired.
Start exercising, even if it's just a 20-30 minute following a video or doing yoga at least twice a week.
Try to wake up earlier and feel good about it rather than such sadness.

Plan a trip to travel South East Asia and Australia for 2018 with Sam.
Take 1 or 2 small breaks whether it be in the UK or not, I'd like to visit Copenhagen or Iceland (due to saving)
Finally learn to surf, I say this every year but it would be amazing to actually go away book lessons and do it this year!

Post at least once a week (every Sunday) 
Hopefully gain more readers and make friends through blogging.
Develop my content.
Create better photos.

See another year through with Sam.
Graduate from University.
Stop worrying to such extreme.
Save more money.
Be more organised and get stuff done straight away.
Be happy.
Be kind, no matter how bad you're feeling or how grumpy you are.
Grow in confidence.
Stop being lazy, do what you have to! There is always time to be a couch potato

There you have it! Everything I'd like to achieve this year. Have you guys got any goals or resolutions you'd like to achieve this year? Or do you think their silly!?


  1. Get a job is my main goal! And grow my blog loads! Your goals sound reasonable, smash them! Xx

  2. I think these are all brilliant goals - they're challenging but achievable. I prefer goals to resolutions as goals are things you work on over time, whereas resolutions are things you have to do instantly and are therefore much easier to give up on! I just wrote my 2017 goals post - like you I also want to grow in confidence in various ways, and I'm looking forward to pushing myself that bit further. I also want to be more creative, and keep trying new things. Fingers crossed for a great year for us both!
    Lx | Lightly We Go

  3. Great goals! Happy New Year!

    Love, Lindsey

  4. i really need to get back into a fitness routine. as soon as uni got busy back in october i hardly went.

  5. These are great goals, stop worrying is definitely on my list too.

  6. Great goals! Its really nice to see everyones goals its really motivating. Keep it up hun!

    Foirell |