Sunday, 22 January 2017

Laid Back Stripes

CARDIGAN: GAP (similar)| TOP: COS (similar) | JEANS: GAP | TRAINERS: VANS | BAG: ZARA (different colours)| BELT: ASOS

Yesterday I had one of the loveliest days so far in 2017. I saw La La Land with my best friend, which if you haven't already stop reading this now and get your butt to the cinema, you will not be disappointed! Then we went to a bar/cafe just along the road and sat for hours and nursing glasses of wine while we indulged on tapas, chips and brownie. We talked about everything and anything there are no boundaries with this girl. But one thing we did natter about is clothes, of course. We noted how we wouldn't say we're fashionable really, for us and our lifestyles we dress in a fashionable manner, but you wouldn't catch us with every latest fashion must haves. Instead for us comfort is key. I suppose I'm mentioning this because although I love documenting my outfits and I will continue to do so I wouldn't say this is the place to be for all the fashion ins and outs instead its to be able to see my personality and how to dress if you don't want to worry about spending money on all the latest greatest things, although thats not to say I won't pick the odd trend piece up now and again because sometimes pieces do talk to me and I feel they would work well for me and my life/style. This outfit is me in a nutshell, stripes, cosy knit, jeans and trainers. That sums me up. Don't get me wrong I will wear a dress and boots but I never feel more me than when I'm wearing this kind of stuff!

Second week of school placement down and 8 and a half weeks to go. I think I've realised I'm not 100% on the whole teaching idea anymore. Some would say it's a disappoint after reaching my third and final year, but I don't. I'm not quitting the placement I'm seeing it through, I still want that qualification to teach. I just don't want my job to be my complete life, thinking and doing stuff related to it all the time. Even while writing this I'm thinking about whether my folders are up to date or if all my resources are ready for lessons this week and I need days to chill, with this I can't. I know 100% now I will and need to travel rather than go straight into teaching, I probably will still go into the profession after, but travelling and even trying my hand at this blogging malarky is what I really feel like doing at the moment. I know as well I'd probably want to do part time teaching so that I have those extra days with family (when I have my own) and I will definitely ensure the commute isn't too far nor will it require trains because that's another strain, even though I know that isn't a forever thing it's definitely something that is making me feel down about the weekdays. But yes, 8 and a half weeks to go and I will be done. I can do it!

Elizabeth Apps x


  1. Absolutely adore your Outfit! Stripes are always lovely and that location is to-die-for.

    Love, kerstin

  2. So chic and classic! Love the Vans too, beautiful pictures
    Christy x

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