Sunday, 8 January 2017

Grey Tie Jumper


First outfit post of the year and what a laid back one it is! In the winter I tend to just throw on a jumper and jeans or jumper and dress and that's me done. When I first saw these jumpers with the tie front I was indifferent. But when thinking about going into my teaching placement and winter in general I realised I needed some jumpers which were a bit different to the bog standard to spruce up an outfit and in all honesty the more I saw bloggers styling them the more I loved them! So luckily Sam got me this one for Christmas and when I'm not wearing it I do catch myself looking it and just smiling it's just the perfect winter jumper!

It's no secret I like the idea of surfing and the surfing brands and I like to incorporate this love through getting a new beanie from one of the brands each year. When I saw this cream/beige colour in store and with 20% off I just had to have it. It's so cosy and I loved the logo as well on the front with the little snowflake, it'll also be perfect for if Sam and I ever manage to afford to go on a Snowboarding trip together!

First week of January done and the first 3 preparation days in school done, it's all a bit over whelming to say the least. I'm struggling with the trains and travelling, which yes I did choose to do when I moved home, but I had no idea of how often the trains delay and the strikes were not happening when I made the decision. Also with my worrying and over thinking I hate knowing that every time I'm teaching someone is there watching you and although I can usually see past that and get on with it I think feeling this overwhelmed at the moment it's not doing me any good at all. I'm hoping as the weeks go on I get used to it all and it just starts falling into place. As the staff are all very lovely and the class is great as well. But we will see.  


  1. The jumper is so cute and I love how you have styled it, such a great casual outfit.

  2. Great post. The jumper and bag combo is awesome. Http://

  3. I love this outfit , so comfy, trendy and cool
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  4. Loving that top!

    Lisa Linh

  5. Placement will be fine, hang in there babe! xxx