Sunday, 29 January 2017

Morning Skincare Routine

So sticking true to my goals for 2017 I have a skincare routine, but I have actually managed to start one for both day and night. But first lets talk about my morning routine. I'm not one to slather myself in loads of different lotions and potions, I'm not even one for getting the latest and greatest stuff. Although I do secretly look in awe of those bloggers and youtubers that do and have absolutely flawless skin, I mean can we talk about how flawless and stunning Estee Lalonde always looks! But like I said and the end of last year I started looking into skincare and wanting to help make my skin feel and look the best it could be! 

Origins had always been a brand of interest to me, I liked the natural look of it all and it was one of the first my twin and friend actually spoke about to me, I liked the fact the take a minimalist approach to beauty as I would say I, like many others strive to live minimalistically and I even like just how eco friendly they are although I'm not a preacher in that. I knew my skin needed that lift to make it look brighter and more awake as I actually rarely wear any make up, especially as I'm waking up at 6 am everyday at the moment and would rather spend more time in bed than apply make up and so it's essential I use skincare to give me that glow and so that's where I started my search for the skincare that suited me.

GinZing Energy-Boosting moisturiser:  They have an entire GinZing range which aim to wake up that tired skin which is fortified with coffee beans and ginseng. It aims to help skin that looks and feels tired to restore glow and give it that get-up feeling. In the winter my skin can go very dull looking and pale. Especially during my teaching placement the bags under my eyes come up in all their glory and in all honesty I personally think I look unwell. But the Energy Boosting moisturiser has really helped to make my skin get that glow it needs in the mornings and also leaves my skin feeling so silky and smooth I always feel a little better when applying this. I can definitely see a difference when I do and don't apply this cream in the mornings.

Renewal Serum with Willowherb: I apply this daily as well before putting on the moisturiser and I personally think the two together work well, I love a serum and again this worked well as it focuses on restoring that much needed glow, especially with weather as gloomy as Englands I think this time of year it is definitely needed for that little pick me up. I think I'll definitely be using not only this but the GinZing Moisturiser for years, especially in the colder months when you want skin that glows all year round.

Intensive Moisturising Ointment: This one I do actually use day and night, but this pot is my holy grail. I actually get really bad dry skin around my nose area and if I apply this day and night it instantly disappears and I have never found anything that works as well as this does, it is amazing and I was kindly gifted it at an event and since then I have used it none stop and its still holding strong. Luckily when it does run out I can get it Infinity foods and I know I'll always use this product.

Nuxe Reve De Miel Lipbalm: Again another holy grail of mine, I don't think I'll ever use another lip balm again. I suffer with quite dry lips, most likely because I never drink enough water. But applying this really does keep my lips soft and moisturised. On good days I actually need to only apply it day and night and my lips are perfect. If not though I only have to apply it a couple more time during the day and it really does keep them feeling and looking soft. To make it even more lovable it does taste and smell a little like Terry's Chocolate Orange so this has a huge thumbs for me. I actually have two pots one to stay at home and one for out and about and thats actually incase I lose one I have a much needed back up.

So there you have it.The only products I use for my morning routine and all work wonders. I'm loving having a routine I use daily and even better that it doesn't take long for me to do in the mornings. What is your current skincare routine and is there anything else you would highly recommend?

Elizabeth Apps x

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Eating in Brighton: Breakfast Edition

King's Road, Brighton BN1 2FH

I thought I would create a post on all the places I recommend for breakfast. Brighton has so many great places and I could eat out for breakfast everyday, but I whittled it to these four for now, that's not to say I won't do another breakfast edition one day, but this is for anyone that comes to this wonderful city and ever needs foodie recommendations! 

The New Club: There is nothing I prefer more than going out for breakfast, it beats the bog standard cereal or toast any day and we are not short of options in Brighton. The New Club does not lie when they say they help beat that hangover as my friend had 'The English' and she said it hit the spot! The pancakes were divine as well the blueberries gave it that sour tang to counter act the sweet taste of maple syrup and the mixed berry juice went down an absolute treat!

 39 Upper Gardner St, North Laine, Brighton BN1 4AN

SILO: This restaurant has a zero waste thought process they have a compost that dispose of any waste meaning any scraps are turned into waste ready to be used again, even the interior is made from up cycling materials They have a brunch and dinner menu all of which is rather healthy. We went for the sour dough, beans, eggs, mushrooms and bacon although you can have the option of seaweed instead of bacon and it was delicious! My friend even got the cordial of the day which was delicious!

31 Western Rd, Hove BN3 1AF

I gigi: A friend recommended I visit here a while ago and knowing that it did stunning homeware (I'm obsessed, even though I don't own my own home) and they were highly spoken about food wise I asked my good friend Agnes, who I drag along to most food places I want to try out or blog about and we were both like children in a toy shop. The homeware was right up our street and we quickly ventured upstairs to try out the food. We both got acai smoothies and then a board of toast, muffins and crumpets and selection of spreads as well as some tea each and it went down an absolute treat. We sat in the big bay window, people watching and nattering away and  it was lovely, it felt just like I was sitting in my own kitchen, I highly recommend visiting here for breakfast one morning you will not be disappointed!

34 Hampton Pl, Brighton BN1 3DD

Billie's: Hidden away behind the busy Western Road is Billie's, I've seen so many reviews on this place and had to check it out and I will totally be going back! Eggs Benedict is always a winner with my friend and she said it was superb, eggs cooked just the way she likes them! I went for Billie's famous hash, to me when I received it it instantly reminded me of a lasagne! it had everything, beans, mushroom, sausage, bacon all covered in cheese! It was delicious, if a little strange. In all honesty when we went I was rather ill so couldn't really taste all the flavours and wished I'd gone for your bog standard full english, but we have vowed to come back because it was just such a lovely little place to brunch and the food was still perfect!

Elizabeth Apps x 

Monday, 2 January 2017

Twenty Seventeen Goals

HELLO 2017, I hope it's been treating you all well so far! I had the loveliest New Years Eve with my other half and two of my dearest friends, we watched Tangled and Spectre and watched the fireworks at midnight from my best friends new loft conversion window, it was such an amazing view and we had an amazing spread of food it was perfect!

But we've come to that time of year again where many set goals or resolutions and some talk about how silly it is. Me personally I see a new year as a new story, kind of like a start over and so I love to create goals or resolutions that I'd love to achieve this year, I think having them really pushes you to actually achieve things during the year, whether big or small, I feel like if you don't write them down then you're not going to have anything you try to achieve. I'm not harsh on myself when it comes to them, for example if I pick my nails I don't say "Well thats the end of that" and carry on picking them, instead I tell myself off and try again and count how many days I go without, after all they say statistically it takes 21 days to kick a habit. It'll give me a sense of achievement for the year if I complete them and that's why I like them. I thought I'd break it up into sections so I know what I want to achieve this year.

Stop picking my nails! I say this every year, this year I will stop!
Drink more water (2 litres a day to start)
Actually start a proper skincare routine and stick to it, no matter how tired.
Start exercising, even if it's just a 20-30 minute following a video or doing yoga at least twice a week.
Try to wake up earlier and feel good about it rather than such sadness.

Plan a trip to travel South East Asia and Australia for 2018 with Sam.
Take 1 or 2 small breaks whether it be in the UK or not, I'd like to visit Copenhagen or Iceland (due to saving)
Finally learn to surf, I say this every year but it would be amazing to actually go away book lessons and do it this year!

Post at least once a week (every Sunday) 
Hopefully gain more readers and make friends through blogging.
Develop my content.
Create better photos.

See another year through with Sam.
Graduate from University.
Stop worrying to such extreme.
Save more money.
Be more organised and get stuff done straight away.
Be happy.
Be kind, no matter how bad you're feeling or how grumpy you are.
Grow in confidence.
Stop being lazy, do what you have to! There is always time to be a couch potato

There you have it! Everything I'd like to achieve this year. Have you guys got any goals or resolutions you'd like to achieve this year? Or do you think their silly!?