Tuesday, 27 December 2016

What I Got For Christmas

Before I'd start I'd just like to say that I am in no way bragging about the things I received over this Christmas period, I just thought I'd share some of the gifts I received as I cannot begin to explain how lucky and blessed to receive all that I did. 

I have been really thinking into upping my skincare come 2017 as I don't wear that much make up and things but like to at least look 'well' and so I thought if I could begin a routine to have (hopefully) glowing, soft, blemish free skin then I would be extremely happy. I was looking into all the gift sets that origins were selling and I felt this just really sounded right for me, the GinZing products are said to instantly hydrate and rev radiance to help skin feel refreshed, revitalised and give you that healthy glow, so that sold me instantly as it's exactly what I was looking for and the same goes for the Origin Original products, in this set I received the rose clay mask and the renewal serum. The mask again is supposed to help with glowing skin and the serum helps with de-stress, smooth, restore glow, delete dullness, shrink paws and minimise flaws, so all four of this products sounded great in helping me start and hopefully achieve with what I wanted. I also received the NUXE lip balm and I cannot explain enough how much I love this product, it helps make my lips so soft and I don't even have to apply it numerous times a day like many other lip balms, it's perfect and highly recommended!
I love Jewellery, I don't wear loads and I am very picky, but I love it. I have been wanting a ring in the shape of a wave forever, the sea, beaches, exploring, surf all mean a lot to me and I am to chicken to get a tattoo of wave so I thought a ring would symbolise my love for it and when I came across Wanderdusk on Etsy I jumped straight to their website and came across the dream ring, they had two versions but only one of them allows you to pick sizes and due to having such small, thin fingers I have to be able to pick a size, but it is just right and I am so happy with it! I also received two necklaces, one is a simple circle necklace which is perfect as I love minimalistic jewellery with not too much sparkle and had been on the hunt for a simple circle necklace for ages and Orelia got it just right! I also received the most amazing disc necklace in the world! In Brighton there is a store known as Posh Totty, they do amazing interior pieces for your home and the most amazing jewellery and ever since I saw Amy from TheLittleMagpie wearing a simple disc I just thought how lovely they were and how much they go with every outfit. So when I entered Posh Totty, I instantly fell in love with their Molecule Collection, I love how they had the Molecules, of Love, Happiness, Family and Energy as it really does add something personal to a simple disc and it's just stunning I cannot stop looking at it!

I love taking photos and try to upload onto instagram as often as possible, but struggle with getting the right photo or even knowing what to take photos of, so when my sister mentioned Capture Your Style by Amiee Song I knew it would be perfect, I've read a little already and I am so excited to start snapping everything and anything it really has great tips and it's just perfect! Not too long ago Cath Kidston graced us with the Disney Collaboration and lets be honest, it'd be silly not to own something from the collection and due to commuting to London and also being a girl that sometimes just likes to go out with out a bag I thought the card holder would be perfect! There are so many little wallets inside so plenty for all the cards I'd need for a trip into town! I love nothing more than receiving underwear at christmas, especially if it is as pretty as the set I received from Australian brand Bonds, is it bad that I also like the fact you can't get it in England so I am extremely lucky to have family in Australia who supply me with it! Lastly, who wouldn't be happy with a cheeky bottle of something under the tree, I received the Brighton Gin and *heart eye emoji* I just love the packaging the colour is my favourite and it's got my favourite place in the world as it's name!
Clothes, the way to my heart! I have a clothes rail to try and stop myself from buying loads of clothes, but I still cannot help myself, I even tried the Capsule Wardrobe for a while but I just don't have the strength to stop buying for three months. As I'm training to be a Primary Teacher my biggest struggle is wanting to feel stylish as well as keep my dream of dressing with a slight minimalistic vibe, come beachy vibe I have to ensure that my outfits are appropriate. I have been loving the jumpers with the tie detail for ages and when I saw Zara was selling them I had to ask for one, and I love it! Still appropriate for school and still stylish, tick! I have also like the embroidery trend and I am always on the look out for shirts/blouses that I actually like for teaching due to not being a huge fan of shirts with collar on me and this one was just lovely when I saw it, not too dressy but just right, although mind you I'll have to beware of wearing it on messy days! Nothing beats a good old tee, I have a perfect white tee from COS but have been looking for the perfect grey and black tee and &otherstories had this one, it had the perfect neck shape, I don't like anything too low cut or baggy and perfect sleeve length so again I had to put it on my list! I have also been on the hunt for a jumper roll neck dress for winter as it would be perfect for those 6am wake up calls *shiver* just to throw on with a scarf, boots, tights and a coat and off I go to teach little ones and New Look had the perfect dress and boots!
 In my house we have this tradition where you get a couple presents in the morning, a present after lunch and a present in the evening. The evening present has always consisted of Pyjamas and when younger a book or dvd too to persuade us to bed and I love my comfy lounge wear, after getting in no matter the time of day I always change into something more comfy! I really wanted a christmassy pair, but couldn't find the right red and white stripy pair or the perfect red checkered pair and so I settled with this star print pair from NEXT, which I loved, I don't wear any yellow, or colour to be honest and this was my way of adding that colour, perfect for christmas! I also was very very lucky and my parents got me this extra pair of Topshop joggers to wear daily and not feel to embarrassed having to head outside to take down the recycling or walk the dog in the evening and lastly but by no means least Sam's parents very kindly gifted me the most gorgeous Topshop dressing gown. I hate winter, mostly because of how easily I feel the cold, most evenings I am wrapped in a hoody, wooly socks, and pyjamas and this dressing gown is SO super soft, I've never felt anything quite like it before I just want to put the hood up and nap in it all day every day, no more cold evenings, just evenings full of cosiness!

What are some of your favourite presents you received? I hope you all had a lovely Christmas period whether you were celebrating or not!

Elizabeth Apps x


  1. Such good items :) I had so many things I loved this Christmas - my favourite being my furry shoes.


  2. Well, someone did very well this year didn't they!

  3. You got some amazing gifts! I also relieved the capture your style book and I'm in love with it. It's so useful and the photos inside are gorgeous xx

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.blogspot.co.uk