Saturday, 31 December 2016

New Years Eve Outfit


It's that time of year again where will all celebrate and say goodbye to yet another year. This is the one time of the year that I really like to think of an outfit and get dressed up as I don't ten to actually go out often during the year and this is the outfit I picked for this year.

Before I knew what plans I had this year I wanted to grab something just in case. I'm not one to go too glittery and I don't like anything too low cut. When I saw HelloOctober create a video with this dress I knew this was the one! I have been such a fan of the colour nude this year and I loved the leaf detailing. I'm not a huge girly girl and so I wanted to add a bit of a biker vibe with my leather jacket and black heels finishing it with my black Chloe Faye which I feel really gives it a bit of an edgier vibe. I also decided to go for a hair up look as I don't usually and I feel that with a high neck it would show that off more rather than hiding behind my hair as per usual!

As it turns out, this year I'm actually having a quiet night. I'm spending it with a very select few friends and we're going to just wear comfy clothes, have a buffet selection type spread out and have a few drinks while watching films and playing some boardgames and in all honesty I am so excited to spend my New Years Eve that way! I don't feel like New Years is all about getting dressed up and having a massive party because sometimes they get so hyped up and then it can be a little bit of a let down. So this plan sounds just perfect for me! Plus this dress will be perfect for other events, whether it be graduation, weddings (so many people got engaged around this time of year) So although this dress won't be worn today, it will definitely get it's wear and I thought I'd give you guys a little idea of the type of thing I like to wear to top of the festive season!

But now I'm going to spend my day going to the shops to get lots of snacks for this evening. I hope everyone has a last good day of 2016 and that you all celebrate the coming of 2017 whether you're going out to do some dancing, having a house party or like me having a quiet but fun one with a select few!

On a quick side note, I know I've posted to posts close together and will be having another post up shortly on my resolutions for 2017, but this year I plan on hopefully posting every Sunday and if that goes well a day or 2 more as the year goes on! So apologise for the blast of posts but after that I look forwarding to having more of a schedule!

What are your plans for this New Years Eve? What are you going to be wearing tonight?

 Elizabeth Apps x


  1. I really love this dress, it really suits you too! xx

  2. Love this look! It's edgy and feminine at the same time. You look gorgeous.