Sunday, 17 July 2016

Back to Basic


This probably has to be one of my favourite outfits to date, but weirdly I have only worn it this time you see right now, whenever I look through these photos ready to write this post I'm always thinking why don't I wear this more and it could be the fact I'm worried of getting cold as in England the weather likes to look hot and then you end up freezing or it starts hot and it get's cold so the safe bet for me is always to cover my legs, so I am praying that the hot weather comes and stays as I will live in this outfit! Plus I just love how basic and simple it is, I have always been drawn to the minimalistic look of clean cut, plain clothing and so I've really been trying to throw that more and more into my wardrobe, I've really been looking at Olivia's blog for inspiration as she finds the most amazing pieces all the time. Personally I feel like my wardrobe takes on lots of different vibes and I'm learning to be okay with that and just dive into finding things that I suppose speak for me and that I love wearing whether that be minimalistic, beach like, a bit boho, basic any of these! I feel I need to start a mood board to truly grasp and layout trends and things that excite me, which I might even document here.

Considering I didn't get a full time job this summer like last year I've really been wanting to throw myself into my blog a lot more. I sat down with my twin the other day and we decided because my other half will be going to watch the football pretty much every Saturday when the season starts up  decided to try and book these days to meet up and blog together and as much as I'm excited by this as we're starting this weekend the one thing holding me back is what to blog about! I know I want to blog about my style, lifestyle - i.e what I get up to, little tips and things, interior and health type posts and also travel, I really want to travel and see so much of the world. But in all honesty although I have the categories I still struggle with content and that's because I feel like to get good content you have to spend the money such as, on clothes to keep on trend, on places I visit like places to eat or outings in general and definitely it is expensive to travel! So my big ask is and the reason for this waffle is I'd absolutely love love love some tips on how to get through this and be able to blog with out the big money spend or simply where people get their ideas! So please leave me some tips and ideas I'd much appreciate it!

I hope everyone is well!

Elizabeth Apps x


  1. I love how you've styled the skirt babe :) xx

  2. Love the look! I'm a student so i totally feel the low income thing, ive found packing a ton into a day or two can leave me with weeks worth of content, like im going to london soon and i plan to hit up breakfast, 3 different cafes and a bunch of really cool shops/hangouts so i have enough 'lifestyle' content to last me for a couple weeks, and i dont have to keep spending each week on somewhere new! Also i try and hit the cheapest but quirkiest places! It doesnt work for all, but it works well for me!


  3. Such a cute skirt! Love the casual look!

    I usually try to set some time during the week to take pictures of my daily outfits and keep them aside for when I do have days of not knowing what to post! It kind of takes off the pressure of having to take pictures every single day or having to go somewhere all the time to take pictures!


    Nicole |

  4. Love the simple style! Fantastic pics :)


  5. If you didn't get the summer job, it's definitely a great idea to throw more effort and time into the blog. I wish I had even more time to throw into my blog, but not until I can do it FULL TIME. Otherwise I will collapse from all the work I've got going on! I absolutely love this outfit, and I'm so glad that there's such adorable button skirts now, I'm definitely a big fan! xx Adaleta Avdic

  6. Loving this simple and casual outfit! This is proof that you don't need much, you don't need a ton of accessories to look chic! XO

  7. Cute outfit! I've been loving A-line skirts recently. Do you have instagram? Mine is @louisefrancescaa if you want to follow each other? XX

    The Fashion