Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Budapest, Hungary Travel Diary Two

St Stephen's Basilica

So on to day two! In all honesty we spent the first half of our day eating and drinking and so that half is in another post, but with full tummy's we started wondering to the Buda side of budapest, Yep that is right, Budapest is split in half by the Danube River, one side is known as Buda, and the other by Pest. Buda is the side which is known to be older and not as hustle and bustly but on this side is home to the castle and many gorgeous architects, so it was only right that we spent our second day visiting it. On our walk to the Iron Bridge, we walked past St. Stephen's Basilica, if I'm being honest though one of the main reasons I wanted to walk past here is because I knew there was a gem of an ice cream stand near by (see my food post for the surprise) But we were here so we did take time to admire the grand building, I mean just look at it! It's no surprise is known as one of the most significant and beautiful churches in Budapest.

Matthias Church and Fishermen's Bastion
After walking along the Iron Bridge we came across to Buda and where we were a little daunted by having to climb up the hills because again the temperature was sky high, but to our relief they actually have little shuttles that you can ride up so we gratefully took it. Once at the top we got the pleasure of watching changing of the guards which is quite exciting and I just love how precise the whole process is. In all honesty, Buda confused me. I thought that Fishermen's Bastion was supposed to be the castle, as I'm sure I'd seen some pictures with Buda Castle as it's caption so we wondered around the area not too sure what we were seeing at first, but were not disappointed by the views we got when looking, I mean look at the Parliament from Fishermen's Bastion. My only regret is I didn't get a photo from the bottom of the stairs looking up towards. 
Buda Castle
In all honesty but not to be offensive, we were a little let down by Buda castle, I think for me personally it was because I'd got it into my head that it looked like Fishermen's Bastion, but A we spent ages looking for it, because B we thought it was going to look more like a castle than it did a palace. But none the less once we found it and it did look beautiful. It also did have a lovely view of Pest and the river, not to mention all though we didn't try it, they appeared to have a lovely looking place to eat and take in the view, so it wasn't all bad! I definitely think if you visit the Buda side, you should go and visit it. Because I mean it is now one thing ticked of the Budapest check list.
Gellert Hill/ Citadella
So you know when your on holiday and when the sun goes down most people head to a bar or go for a nice dinner to enjoy their evening and some even go out partying, well we decided to spend our last night hiking. That's right at about 10 at night we decided to hike up Gellert Hill to visit the Citadella! The hike it's self was pretty scary, but that's only because I have a fear of being outside in the dark and we were walking through a woodland in a foreign country. But it was lit ok and we knew it was a tourist attraction so we surely thought we would be quite safe doing it. I am so glad I got over my fear because the hike was definitely worth it. Look how magnificent Budapest looks lit up at night! We got to see boats gliding along the river, the Iron Bridge looked so gorgeous lit up and it definitely was a highlight to the trip.

And there you have it. We managed to get all of the things we wanted to see and do and were told were must do's in the space of pretty much two whole days and while we all joked we were broken women due to hobbling around with sore legs and feet from our marathon walk I wouldn't of had it any other way. We laughed till we cried a lot! We ate a lot! and we saw all of the must see's in Budapest and all of the things you should definitely see if you ever travel to Budapest. I will definitely be back one day, but till then bon voyage Budapest and thank you for having us! 

Elizabeth Apps x


  1. Amazing place, I wanna go!

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  2. Very cool article! I would love to visit Budapest someday *.*