Sunday, 12 June 2016

Budapest, Hungary Travel Diary One

 I recently took a trip to Budapest with my sister and an old but dear friend of ours. We'd joked months ago through twitter about all getting away and going to see Budapest together, but none of us really thought anything would come of it. Then around Easter we actually decided to go ahead and do it, add a little spontaneity to our lives and so off we went to Budapest! Although we were there from 5th-8th of June really we only had 48 solid hours to explore as the two other days were spent travelling and my word did we manage to pack a lot into the two solid days! So here is a little diary of what we got up to. 

1. Parliament and Margit Island
We were determined to walk our entire trip and to be fair at first it's because we thought everything was 15-20 minutes away (oops my bad for not changing maps from driving to walking) but we still did it, even if the weather was hot! We decided our first stop would be Margit Island and on the way we managed to walk past the Parliament also and it was dazzling, I mean just look at the architecture, we pretty much walked round the whole building and it was truly gorgeous! But Margit Island was in sight and we needed to cool off with some ice cream so on we walked!
After grabbing some water and a twister each we perched on scattered bench chairs and enjoyed the fountain, but little did we know after about 15 minutes music started playing and if you could have seen the looks on our faces we had no idea we had stubbled upon a singing fountain and much to our joy (children inside) they played let it go by Frozen while the water danced along, it was amazing! We also couldn't help but dip our feet into the fountain as it really did help to cool us down and then we explored a little of the island but our rumbling tummy's and my sister's longing to go and find some culottes in any H&M got the better of us and so we headed to the big shopping centre which we also knew was in the direction of the famous thermal baths and we were very much looking forward to those.
2. Szechenyi thermal baths
We couldn't have been more excited to be here! After exploring it was more than deserved that we got to dip around in the baths for the remainder of our first day. We all quickly changed and then took some oblatory photo's being as instagram-y as possible (check us out), to show off the baths. But then we headed straight for the water, we first went into the bath that was 37 degrees! It wasn't even too hot considering the weather it was actually rather refreshing, although it was very busy and hard to get a spot to sit around the edge. After about 20 minutes (as recommended) we got out and went to actually enjoy the sun. We then explored the other bath on the other side of the length swimming pool which was just for swimming lengths and you had to wear a cap and we found the other bath was much cooler, which was a lot nicer and they had a whirlpool in the middle so we made our way into there and let it carry us round and a round for a while. It was such a lovely and peaceful way to spend our afternoon after walking miles and it was so cheap as well. I think it was around 4700 huf which is equivalent to about 11.80p which is pretty good going I think!
3. Hero Square
We actually hadn't really thought of going to Hero Square but it just so happened that you walk straight by it to and from the baths so we couldn't really help but stubble upon it. Although it's not to say we didn't want to at all. It generally looks like something you'd find in Greece, I don't know what it is that makes me think that but it really does remind me of Greece. It was amazing, there was so many people around just looking at the names and things, I'm really glad we stubbled across it because it was so beautiful to look at. 

With tired legs we walked down Andrassy Boulevard and admired all the shops from cos to Armani, there was such a variety as well as lots of restaurants on our way down. I thought my road that I live on was long, but my word I never thought this road was going to end! From what I can gather it is quite a touristy spot but it was lovely, I definitely would have eaten there if we'd stayed longer although the prices would have been a bit more expensive and things the restaurants did look lovely. Nearing the end of the road we stopped for a chimney cake (more on that on my foody post) and that just about got us through the long long walk back to our air bnb, we all collapsed happily when we got in and then slowly got ready to enjoy our evening of good food and lots of laughs and the concludes day one of Budapest! Stay tuned as I have day two as well as where we ate and drank and also a couple outfits from my trip!

Elizabeth Apps x


  1. I've seen so many bloggers have been to Budapest lately and it's really intrigued me to the place, I'm definitely adding it to my travel bucket list! Gorgeous photos Beth, I can't wait for day two xx

  2. It looks stunning! I deffo need to travel more :(

  3. You definitlely packed a lot into the first day, I can't believe you walked everywhere as well! Not sure I could've made it! The baths sound awesome, would love to visit them. I really want to go to Budapest!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  4. i never considered budapest for a city trip but ever since i've been seeing it on so many blogs i feel like i have to go. it looks so picture perfect.

  5. I've heard it is such a gorgeous city to visit. The thermal baths look so amazing.. what an experience!!

    Denton & Lou