Sunday, 19 June 2016

A foodies guide to Budapest

Pink Cadillac
For our first meal because we got into Budapest early evening we decided to stay quite close to the place we were staying. Although I am one try traditional dishes when visiting a new place, sadly nothing from Hungary really took my fancy (insert monkey with hands over face). So we stuck to pasta's and pizzas and burgers for our dinner's. But I'm glad we did because this little restaurant was just right. It had a good variety of vegetarian dishes suitable for my friend and it even did gluten free which is a result if you know anyone who is. The food was absolutely to die for. I went with the burger and being a massive burger fan I do enjoy trying them where ever I go and my word was it good. There was plenty of sauce, some of which ended up on my nose (maybe not a meal for a romantic date) and the girls all send their dishes of risotto and and tagliatelle were just as delicious. Also the serving of barcadi was so large we only needed one and that is definitely one of the things I enjoy about being abroad haha! The waiter was so friendly so I highly recommend this place to anyone staying in the area! 
Budapest, Ráday u. 22, 1092 Hungary

This place really reminded of a festival type venue or even something you would see in Brighton we loved it and couldn't help wondering in. It was all set up with garden furniture, grass areas and a bar for fast food and a bar for drinks with a stage at the front of the venue. I feel like this place wasn't really for tourists as the people working there didn't really speak English and so we had a little trouble but none the less I'm glad we stopped for drink here because it was so different from the norm and it really did look pretty. We went on the Sunday so it was quite quiet but when we walked past every other evening it was always full of people enjoying the evening.
Budapest, Ráday u. 10, 1092 Hungary

Chimney Cake/Kürtőskalács
They seemed to have a few little stands that were selling these and I saw Amelia Liana mention that you should definitely try these so after hunting them down after our long first day I couldn't have been more excited to try it. I opted for the chocolate flavour although they also did: Cinnamon, Vanilla, Cocoa, and Coconut. Also they were only 350 huf which is around the same as 88p in England so you definitely couldn't say no. Chimney cakes are made from sweet yeast dough which is spun on a spit right there in front of you so you know it's all fresh and spun over charcoal while buttered up. While it is cooking the butter begins to caramelise to form a shiny golden coat and then it is coated in the flavour of your choice and my word! If I had stayed in Budapest longer I think I would have had so many more these. They were so delicious and moreish that I would definitely recommend getting more than one.
Vintage Garden
As you can tell this place was just so photogenic I really couldn't help but put loads of photos up of it, so I apologise for the heavy photo post, but I mean it's just every bloggers/instagrammers dream! There was a wall of orchards, cute quotes everywhere, peonys on every table oh it was perfect, I would have stayed all day! Whilst here we ordered cocktails, lemonades (which come in a variety of flavours) flatbreads with toppings, they had good veggie options and I opted for the chorizo, rocket and feta cheese flat bread which was delicious and so filling! We then washed it down with chocolate covered strawberries, which did take a while to come, but I mean we couldn't complain too much because our waiter was super lovely and they were playing songs from Lilo and Stitch so I was in a very happy place. Not to mention whilst there, for anyone in the UK specifically we got chatting to actors, Max Beesley, Dean Lennox Kelly and Luke...... they came up to us and were so chatty, probably more so because they thought we didn't know who they were but nonetheless they were super friendly and rather funny, so it really was a good start to day 2!
Budapest, Dob u. 21, 1075 Hungary

 Szimpla Ruin Bar
This is the most know and most must see ruin bar for anyone going to visit Budapest, we went both in the evening when it was buzzing and very much like a bar/club it really was thriving! But very busy so if you want to go just to really see the place instead for a few drinks and a bit of boogey then I would recommend going during the day, which we did both off! We went and got some iced coffee and have a real good look at it was so cool! There were plenty of rooms to explore and it was just so quirky! We messed about in bath turned seat and loved all the random deco, there was a gnome on a swing, there were chairs hanging from the ceiling and graffiti everywhere it really was cool, and the iced coffee was pretty delicious! Not to mention the cheesy bacon potato wedgies I got the night before, although my sisters sandwich looked pretty tasty too!
Budapest, Kazinczy u. 14, 1075 Hungary
Gelarto Rosa
Have you ever seen ice-cream look so photogenic!? I literally left the ice cream parlour as soon as it was handed to me to take photos of it, talk about blogger cliche! I opted for a raspberry frozen yoghurt for the outer layer and then an oreo centre and my goodness was it tasty! There were plenty of flavours to choose from like pistachio to nutella to all sorts of fruity flavours! What I particularly enjoyed about mine is there was bits of raspberry in the ice-cream so that made me think it was a little healthier even if it wasn't! Although there was a queue out of the door don't let that put you off as they had such a good system and you won't be standing around too long with your beautiful rose ice cream!
 Budapest, Szent István tér 3, 1051 Hungary

Hot Dog  Cold Beer
I must admit this was more of a novelty because I saw it on pinterest, but nonetheless for a crisp lover like me I am very glad I tried it, they're like deep friend crisps spiralised and put on a stick, so it's like a crisp on a stick! haha get me laughing at my own jokes, anyone will understand if they ever saw the jalepeno on a stick youtube videos, anyone?! But I did have a little look at the menu while I was waiting and it definitely would have been the perfect pit stop if anyone wanted a quick lunch, they had lots of hotdogs to choose from and obviously some beer which is lovely and refreshing on a hot.
Budapest, 1051, Zrínyi u. 14, 1051 Hungary

New York Cafe
This was recommended through twitter so I put it to the girls that we should venture here for our last breakfast before heading to the airport, so with suitcases in toe we took to our last walk, we all were expecting just your average american diner experience, but oh no we got so much more. Baring in mind we had walked a little distance we were all a little sweaty (TMI I know) and we all almost turned straight back around as we did not think this was the place for us, it looks like the ritz! But we put on our brave hats and sat down anyway. To our surprise the food was all your average brekky type food pancakes, fry ups, juices, milkshakes the lot! So while marveling at the ceilings and balconies we also ordered 3 lots of pancakes, which came with your own pot of maple syrup and there was plenty going, mine literally swam! I also went for a raspberry milkshake which was so delicious also. This is definitely worth a visit if you go because of the history behind it and just the sheer elegance, you can go for afternoon tea also so that would be a lovely afternoon well spent!
Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 9-11, 1073 Hungary


  1. Chimney cakes are so amazing! I first tasted one in Prague a few years ago and I've been trying to find out on Melbourne ever since.

  2. Amazing photos! The ice cream is so pretty and chimney cake sounds like something I need to try! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  3. I think I want to visit Budapest just for the food now! The chimney cakes looks very similar to the spindle donuts they sell in Prague, they were delicious too.

  4. Vintage Garden looks like a place that's right up my alley when I travel. So need to apologize for the "photo overload." I am glad you did as it gives us an idea of what to expect here. Looks gorgeous!