Sunday, 1 May 2016

5 Tips to Relax

Relaxing and unwinding are definitely very important, without it we could all become little stress balls of unhappiness and that wouldn't be fun. Especially if you're in the middle of revision or writing essays or you're working a lot, relaxing and unwinding will definitely keep you sane as well as giving you that much needed energy to get back to it. I have just finished my essay's for this University year, but as mentioned I am about to embark on a 6 week placement teaching little ones and the need to relax will be something that will keep me sane, so here are 5 ways that I relax..

I'm pretty sure this one is everywhere on these kinds of posts but they truly do relax you, not to mention give you that much needed time away from a screen. There is nothing I enjoy more than sitting down, curling up with some cushions and a blanket and getting sucked into a book. There is seriously so much you can learn from a book, like widening your vocabulary or little life lessons or 
honestly just enjoying a good story line. This really is one of my go to's when I just want to zone out from everything else.

Sometimes you really just need some TLC. You've had a long day and all you want to do is take off your make up and have a big pamper. Well me too. There is nothing like taking off my make up and pampering my skin. These meraki wipes are really wonderful. They remove make up so easily and not to mention smell amazing which isn't hard when they have aloe vera in them, which is very gentle on the skin. I also like to whack on a face mask occasionally and anatomicals definitely is a good'un. My sister and I really enjoyed them as you could actually see the pores they were bring out and they definitely helped clear my skin. After that I like to add some bio oil to help rid me of any spot scars and lastly I love to just moisturise my skin and I never forget to add some lip balm, not to mention the meraki one has spf 15 so no need to worry about my lips getting burnt in the summer, then I snuggle up in bed. Talk about a serious relaxation feeling.

Surfing the web
Now normally when I relax I like to do it off any social media or through habit just scrolling through the internet. But I must admit after I finish an essay or I'm done with any kind of work for the day I really enjoy catching up with other's blogs and collecting inspiration for my own blog. I love reading and seeing photo's from others and I always leave a comment on people's blogs to let them know I like what they've done. I just really like looking at blogs to unwind and see what outfits people are wearing and grabbing inspiration for my wardrobe or reading what adventures people have been up to. I can just spend hours doing this.

Netflix and Sky Go and Youtube
Again this is a pretty bog standard idea people go to when you want to relax. But as a University student I really do saviour every minute I get to be able to catch up with a tv series I'm watching or simply watching live TV through Sky Go because then I don't feel so alienated when my friends or family ask if I've seen such and such. Although it's not actually on either I'm pretty excited to start up One Tree Hill again to get me through this 6 week placement. As there is nothing like climbing into bed and watching a TV series at the end of a long day. Another guilty pleasure of mine is getting sucked into the world of YouTube. Seriously I can start watching one video, look at the time and it's been hours and I've nearly watched a YouTubers entire feed!

Lastly I actually enjoy just getting out some paper and a pencil now and again and simply just drawing. By no means would I class myself as an artist so you won't be seeing any of my drawings any time soon, but my boyfriend and I actually used to sit on webcam to one another and draw characters and show each other when we were younger, lame I know but it was actually calming and we do still draw and show each other now and again which is nice. We actually both bought colouring books to and sat for an evening doing this and it really was lovely, but I am a perfectionist so I really think about the colour palette and not wanting to go out the lines and things so sometimes it's not the most relaxing thing in the world, but definitely something I still enjoy.

So there you have it, here is 5 things I do to unwind from my day to day business, pretty average like everyone else's but I just though it would be nice to share with everyone in case you all need a little push to put that piece of work away, even for half an hour. It really will do you a world of wonders!

Elizabeth Apps x


  1. I do love these ideas for relaxing and reading is something I'd like to get into more! I find now the sun in slowly showing its self I can sit outside and read a lot easier!

    Hannah x

  2. Really great tips, Netflix is always my go-to source for relaxing after a long day!
    The Style Icon

  3. I love reading and pampering to relax! You have a good read while letting your mask sit =]

  4. Great tips! I've been making more of a constant effort to get in some self-care on Sundays. I'm definitely going to have to take some of your suggestions. Thanks for sharing Beth!

    x Nero