Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Lace ups and Girlfriend Jeans


This might be one of my favourite outfits in my spring wardrobe right now. It's so simple, but I felt very put together and a little chic (if I do say so myself) although these were actually taken a good month or so ago so we had to take refuge and warm ourselves after the numerous outfits shots, these photos were definitely wait for the right time of year I think.

I swear by black skinny jeans they go with everything they can help form a dressy outfit or just your average day to day, just such a versatile piece (which I'm sure you've heard 100 times before) but when I bought these girlfriend jeans last year they were a game changer for me, I just love the relaxed look to them and you can still dress them up or down, I'm actually on the search for a pair with no distress just so I can have two pairs of girlfriend jeans, I am in love and probably wear them just as much as my black pair, they're just such a nice change for the spring season.

I really feel these lace up shoes add something to an outfit, but my word do they kill my feet. I can't tell whether it's because I tie them super tight or if they are just the worlds most uncomfy shoes but I wish I could wear them more often, because they'd be the perfect shoes to wear when I go back into school to teach in a couple weeks time, does anyone else have trouble with these shoes?

I have very nearly finished all my essays for this year at university and I am so excited, I have just over a weeks to finish my last one and then all I have to do is go and teach for 6 weeks and it's the best feeling ever! I have also started browsing for things to add to my spring capsule wardrobe which is exciting, I've been itching to shop for a little while, but only because I knew the first 3 months were nearly up. I know I'd like to add some more fitted pieces to my wardrobe as well as some androgynous type pieces like culottes and trainer type vibe, but I'll go into more detail in a capsule wardrobe update soon, but first I should crack on with this last essay!

I hope you are all well!

Elizabeth Apps x


  1. Love this outfit, it's very me. I love these girlfriend jeans, I may have to get some as I'm always wearing black jeans too!

  2. Beautiful outfit! I am obsessed with your shoes!!

    xx Isabel

  3. This is such a chic outfit! Good luck as you build your spring capsule wardrobe -- it is a fun process!

  4. I really love the way those jeans fit you! This is a great look!

  5. Great outfit :))

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  6. Rebranding... Maybe something like Stylings by Elzbth? Or... Try jotting random words that come to mind on notecards and mixing em up a bit. G'luck!

    Joy at The Joyous Living