Sunday, 3 April 2016

Brighton Blogger Meet

On the 19th of March I headed over to The Globe for my first ever blogger's meet up, which was all put together by Laura from Lola & Behold. It really was such a lovely event and I got to meet so many nice girls, which is lovely because I didn't know any other bloggers in Brighton beforehand and it really was so lovely to meet some other people in Brighton that blog, everyone was so lovely too! (unfortunately, due to it being so dark it wasn't great lighting to take photos with the lovely ladies, but when we meet again we will definitely have a photo sesh!) Luckily for me also I did get to go with my twin sister, which helped with the slight nervousness. It also gave us the chance to discover new brands which was such a great opportunity to do!

The brand I was very excited to see at the event was Homage, due to getting a new room in the future and looking into furniture and all sorts I was excited to see what Homage had to offer in the department of interior and I definitely wasn't disappointed, this candle below smelt absolutely devine and would gorgeous on the desk or shelves (that I'm hopefully getting) it smelt gorgeous and I probably could have spent the even just standing there and sniffing it so I know where I'm definitely heading for candles once my room is done, there is nothing like a candle to feel a sense of calm in a room and I plan on having loads!

Another thing that caught my eye was the notebooks, to be honest I think they caught everyones eye, what is it with bloggers notebooks?! I just know that as well as being handy for taking notes for University or jotting blog ideas they'd look beautiful on that desk I have my eye, not to mention perfect for a prop in blog photos!

In all serious though, Homage had some beautiful pieces for your home and I would highly recommend getting down to them or popping online to snap some pieces up, I also know when I one day have my own home I'll be snapping up some kitchen wear also!

34a Bath Street, Brighton, BN1 3TB
I am such a foodie and will give anything a try once, so when we saw that there were some treats on a table to try, well it would be rude not to! Let me tell you, they were delicious, not to mention there was no feeling of guilt while snacting away (see what I did there!) 

For a University student like me who has lots of essay's to write along with that comes treats to keep us going and these would be perfect for any essay writer! They are like little fruit jerkys which are suitable for vegans, gluten free and 100% fruit, so gone are the days of grabbing those chocolate bars! Tell those vegans and gluten free's because they'll be snacting for ever on these! Not to mention the packaging is pretty cute as well, so definitely a win win from me!

Lastly but by no means least comes Pure Potion. The had dozens of lovely products all for those that are prone to dry skin and I mean after a shower my skin is always feeling a little tight and dry and I always seem to have dry skin around my nose so of course I took a look at what they have to offer!

Due to recently being on the hunt for a new moisturiser I was excited that we got a little sample of this which was superb! I love how it is even suitable for babies and children because that's just perfect that you know you can soothe your child's skin and even better that the products are all animal friendly, they all have natural ingredients so what is there not to love! I will definitely be looking into more there skincare in the near future!
I'd just like to again so a quick thank you to Laura for putting this altogether and giving us girls the chance to meet new people and see new brands, it really was a fantastic day and stay tuned because I will be putting up a few of the goodies that were in the bags we were given which I am ever so grateful for!

Elizabeth Apps x

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