Sunday, 24 April 2016

Capsule Wardrobe Update

So the first three months of my capsule wardrobe experiment is finally up! Even after this little time of testing out the idea I feel like I have learnt quite a bit. I struggled with the itching need to shop and update my wardrobe (although this was when the 3 months were nearly up) so I can justify it that way. But nonetheless I actually never got fed up with my wardrobe or woke up with that dread of not knowing what to wear because of feeling like I had nothing to wear, if anything I would have to lie in bed the night before planning tomorrow's outfit because I had so much choice and wanted to wear loads of outfits all in one day!

So I can safely say that right now it is working for me. But I thought I would write a little update to let you guys know what I actually think and what is and isn't working for me, because I mean if it worked all the time I would never grow and learn new things about myself and I enjoy finding out about myself, so here is my capsule wardrobe update:

Sunday, 17 April 2016

4 tips on how to get a good nights sleep.

Since as long as I can remember I have struggled with getting to sleep. My mum used to give me a walkman (anyone remember those) before I went to bed with pop party inserted so that I would be able to fall asleep, even it meant listening to the cd twice through before this finally happened. But the struggle was mostly because how could you fall asleep when listening to "we're going to Ibiza, back to the island!" If I did not have this walkman I would become a complete mess of tears at the end of my mum's bed because it was 3 in the morning and I still hadn't slept. I don't have a clue where this came from or why I have never been able to sleep, although I now know when I can't sleep it is due to worrying about everything and anything.

I know that as soon as I tuck in tonight and try and sleep I will not for hours and this is due to the fact I am worried about going back on placement tomorrow morning. Although I know I have no reason for this as I very much enjoy working with the children, but nonetheless I can bet you that I will see 3, maybe even 4 or 5 o'clock even though I have to get up at 6 for the next 6 weeks. But I do have a few ways in which I try to get my mind to shut off so I can get if only a few hours sleep and so I thought I'd share them as they have definitely helped me through many many years.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Brighton Blogger Meet

On the 19th of March I headed over to The Globe for my first ever blogger's meet up, which was all put together by Laura from Lola & Behold. It really was such a lovely event and I got to meet so many nice girls, which is lovely because I didn't know any other bloggers in Brighton beforehand and it really was so lovely to meet some other people in Brighton that blog, everyone was so lovely too! (unfortunately, due to it being so dark it wasn't great lighting to take photos with the lovely ladies, but when we meet again we will definitely have a photo sesh!) Luckily for me also I did get to go with my twin sister, which helped with the slight nervousness. It also gave us the chance to discover new brands which was such a great opportunity to do!