Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The Salt Surf Jumper

Welcome to the first outfit in my autumn/winter capsule wardrobe, even if spring is very nearly creeping in! I've even embraced stepping outside in just a thick cardigan and a scarf this past week! But to be fair that is only usually to go to a lecture, or to the library then back to the flat so it's not like I've spent all day every day outside, I can only imagine that I'd feel the cold if I were to do that. But I am fully embracing not having to wear a coat by all means!

One day I will have this whole outfit pose malarky down, but for now you will have to be graced with my embarrassed smile and awkward stances, does taking photos in public for your blog ever get easier!? Nonetheless, I absolutely love wearing this jumper, ever since I saw Ivana post it on her Instagram I was immediately sold, as a girl who has always loved the beach and longed to learn to surf properly I couldn't possibly say no. I don't know what it is about this jumper but as soon as I put it on I instantly feel care free, confident and like I could do anything and have lots of fun in it, does that sound crazy? Isn't that how you're supposed to feel when wearing your clothes?!

As you'll see through the next couple of outfit posts that go up my style does change from this very casual type to maybe a little more put together, but that's part of the whole capsule wardrobe idea, it's about finding your style and clothes you feel comfortable in, even if that means you have a few different styles and like I said I'm more than happy with my wardrobe and the style I seem to have created at the moment.

Elizabeth Apps x


  1. Hello fellow surf babe!

    Loving this outfit. I don't think the embarrassment of outfit photos in public ever goes away, you just get used to feeling embarrassed haha.

    I know exactly what you mean about your clothes making you feel free! I have abit of an obsession with surf and the sea I HAVE to have anything that says salt, sea, surf etc on it haha! They make me feel connected with the ocean :)

    Looking forward to seeing what else is in your capsule wardrobe!

    Stay salty!

    Chloe |

  2. All black outfit looks nice on you.

  3. Love the jumper! I'm sold now too :)
    Daniella x

  4. I really love the sweatshirt (or jumper!) haha! So cute!