Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Spring is Here


Finally it is the official day of Spring! Well it is as I'm writing this anyway, although the last few days have been quite chilly again last weekend was really lovely and definitely felt like Spring was ready to take over and grace us with it's presence.

Although Summer is by far my favourite season of the year there is nothing quite like the freshness Spring brings. The temperature gets that little bit warmer so we can start to pack our scarves, hats and gloves away, something I just cannot wait to do! I'm even hoping that the cheeky week in Easter we usually get where it becomes extremely hot will arrive like usual as I'd definitely love to get down to the beach and start tanning! In Spring it's kind of like you get a card to start again, daffodils and all sorts of flowers start to bloom and it just makes being outside that much more beautiful (not to mention that all blogging backgrounds get that lift of colour) We also get to see all of the cute baby animals that are born around this time of year! (insert heart-eyed emoji here)

With Richmond Park right on my door step at University I am able to wonder round and see all the deer, although keeping a safe distance so as not to upset them and even on campus our pond is over flowing with little baby ducklings and swans it's just such a joy to walk around and see. I also think one of the best things of all about Spring is those extra hours of sunlight and I'm sure any blogger can agree with this. I love how due to the light I wake up a lot earlier (I much prefer being an early riser) and we even get more hours in the day to enjoy the light, or get those snaps for our blogposts, everything just seems a lot more cheerful when Spring steps into the picture and that's what makes it one of my favourite times of the year!

When the weather starts getting warmer I can't wait to get my feet out, there's just something about letting my feet breathe from the endless months of boot wearing that I love, so when Boohoo contacted me and asked if I'd like some shoes for the Spring season of course I jumped at the chance. Last year I had a brown pair of peep toe shoes from Topshop that I lived in, so when I searched through the shoes and saw these pair of peep toes, I just knew they had to be mine. I'd been wanting to get a pair of shoes that had a little larger heel than I usually wear and when I wore these shoes they instantly made me feel more put together, not to mention adding those couple inches to my height which was lovely. My feet were able to breathe and they'd just made this simple outfit feel a lot more chic. I even love the detail of having it lace up at the back it's just different from the buckle you see on these types of shoes, although it did rub my heel a little bit, there's nothing a bit of wearing in can't solve. These shoes will definitely be getting the love and attention my brown ones do, I just always feel like I need shoes in both brown and black and now I do I'm just in love! Thank you Boohoo!

Elizabeth Apps x


  1. Loving the shoes and biker jacket.

    Were you not cold though - the middle aged woman in me coming out!

  2. Beth you look fabulous! And I agree spring is fab ;D A cheeky hot weather in the easter would be great, lets hope it happens ;D xx

  3. I adore the freshness of spring as well. Your shoes are so cool. I love the unique & fun cut outs. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  4. Love the biker jacket! it's really chic!


  5. She looks awesome.