Thursday, 17 March 2016

Big Decision Time

Looks like a pretty simple outfit right? For me this is stepping right out my comfort zone, I am definitely a jeans and tee kind of girl! But to be honest after wearing this outfit a few times I am actually enjoying it and looking to add skirts and things to my wardrobe when the capsule wardrobe re-vamp comes around at the end of this month (god the list is ever growing for new items). The same goes for roll necks they were massive step out my comfort zone and even when my boyfriend laughed and went 'ooo roll neck' I didn't think I'd wear it again but I totally embrace it now and love wearing them, it's just another layer to keep my neck warm also, considering I still haven't fully embraced leaving the house with out a scarf just yet and after testing in on Sunday when my boyfriend and I went for walk around Richmond Park and ending up freezing. I won't make that mistake again for a little while!

My bag isn't a real chloe sadly, but I was still lucky enough to be gifted this by my sister for christmas and I absolutely love it! I feel the bag really does add something to outfits and it literally goes everywhere with me! Even for it being such a small size it definitely fits a lot in! I love taking it to lectures as it's just so convenient.

Finally, I made a big decision this week, I don't really feel like I talk super personally on here but I thought I'd give it ago in small doses to see if you guys even find what I fully get up to interesting. Basically after the summer (which I know is a long way off) I will be entering my final year of University studying Primary Education before I go out into the big wide world and become a teacher of little humans and recently I have been having to decide where to live. After much consideration and options I decided to live back home in Brighton and commute to London for the year, I know it's not massive news and that people do it every day, but I will be out of proper University living and becoming one of the many commuters and it absolutely terrifies me! But I have comfort in knowing I will be living with my family again, I will be close to Sam and I will also get to see my friends a lot more which I cannot wait for, I'm ready to fully embrace it all and beat down any obstacle to come my way, I mean after all it's one year then I will be able to fully place myself back into Brighton!

Elizabeth Apps


  1. What a lovely outfit, the skirt is a gorgeous colour. It sounds like you have a strong plan for your final year, tbh you will not regret it as you get loads of work done! x

  2. Love this beautiful put together outfit, the purse is a favorite of mine. Good luck with all that is to come for you!

  3. Love the skirt! & All the best with your decision to commute in. Final year is always such a tough year; there seems to be pressure from all sides & we feel as though we're meant to have every decision somehow sorted! Good luck though, sounds as though it's a good decision for you & I'm sure you'll thrive. Hope you're doing well :)

    Much love,
    Ana xx