Sunday, 31 January 2016

Barcelona: Part Two

We seemed to pack so much into our 5 days that I had to split this post into two! 

So another sight we had to see was Guadi's other architects and we actually stumbled upon Casa Batiló by accident, we were just minding our own business wondering down the street, a street we'd walked a fair few times may I add due to my love of Brandy Melville, when we actually turned and looked to see it right in front of us! We didn't go in as Sam and I aren't fans of museums and such but just from the outside I was dazzled, the building was just so pretty, to me it kind of looks like something out of Tim Burton's work (don't hurt a girl if this is wrong to say) but I really liked it! We also walked all the way to Sagrada Familia, but was actually disappointed with how much building work was around it, yes we did know it was still being built. Personally I would have loved to go in and see it from the inside as I heard it's beautiful, but alas this time we didn't (always next time if we visit again!)

One day we decided to climb one of the mountains and visit monjuic castle and once again instead of taking the gondola we decided to walk all the way up, it was definitely worth it though, I'm such a sucker for water features so we got to see the little gem pictured below and around this area there was an amazing view of the harbour and of Barcelona it was amazing!

We also visited the Arc de Triomf, or Spains version of it anyway which was pretty spectacular, but after all the walking we did we decided to hop on the subway for a change, which is actually so easy to navigate, even for two people that barely speak Spanish (how bad of us) and headed back for an early evening nap before wandering La Rambla for some food.
 One evening we surprised ourselves and decided not to eat on La Rambla but take a trip to see the real Font Magica and grab food in that area so with my trusty iPhone map off we went. One thing I actually enjoyed about walking and using the map is that we saw quite a bit and it didn't take us the normal touristy ways so it was quite quiet and peaceful. Luckily we made it just in time for the show to begin and it was so beautiful, the water danced while christmas songs were playing and men were trying to sell beer. The show went on for a while so we decided to move to the side a bit and visit the building above (I'm not sure what it's called) but we got some amazing pictures, I loved how there was light behind that shone in streaks and after going to look for food and finding this shopping centre where we got a lovely view of the fountain and the traffic below, all the lights looked so lovely at night!

Finally, on our last day we had a good few hours to kill before we had to head of for the airport so we had a lazy breakfast in starbucks, like we did most mornings (so english..) and then we headed towards Le Parc De La Ciutadella, which is right by the Arc de Triomf, but we hadn't explored it all properly and so decided to have a stroll and then we came across the cascade fountain, just look how amazing it is! Sadly my photo doesn't do it justice, but it was beautiful, to me it didn't look something you'd see in europe and I just wanted to stay by it for so much longer than we did, to take in the one of the only days we had sun and the familiar smell of water, eurgh it was amazing!

And that concludes what we got up to in the 5 days we were their, it was definitely such a lovely getaway and definitely what I needed after 4 weeks of working in a school. I wonder which city break we'll be going on next!

Where do you like to go for city breaks? If you've been to Barcelona where are your favourite places to visit?

Elizabeth Apps x


  1. Barcelona is very beautiful! Lovely photos!

  2. This post so makes me miss Barcelona! I think one of my favourite places there was probably the huge food market they have on one of the main streets, I remember the name of it but not the correct spelling and I don't want to butcher it by attempting to spell it out! Hopefully you know which one I'm talking about :)