Wednesday, 30 September 2015

21 things I learnt and am still learning by 21

It's crazy to think I have turned 21, I feel old. All my friends are still 20 and I'll be collecting the jokes of being an 'oldie' from my boyfriend forever, even if we are only 11 months apart in age and have always been in the same school year. Especially in the last year or so I've really been feeling a change in myself, I've been growing in confidence and of course I still need to grow and learn things which is why some of this is still in the works and will be noted what I'm still working on, but I finally feel like I'm finding my feet with myself so here is 21 things I've learnt about myself and things I want to follow to make the next 21 years of my life the good ones.

1. It's okay to say no to things,
you shouldn't always do things just to please others,
specially if it leaves you feeling unhappy.

2. It's time to learn to stick up for myself,
when I was little there would be countless times 
my mum would tell me I let people do whatever they want with no
thoughts to my own feelings but now I refuse to be
 walked over anymore.

3. Its okay not to text back straight away or
 get texts back straight away or check social media every 10 minutes, 
it'll all still be there whenever you decide to look again, people will not forget you 
and nothing will dramatically change on the internet. (still learning)

4. Knuckle down and get that piece of work done,
even if it means missing that night out
you'll thank yourself later.

5. Alone time is always good, grab that blanket,
those cushions and netflix or book. (nearly there)

6. You are allowed to treat yourself now and again,
stop being so scared of spending money (still learning)

7. It's okay to be a pub kind of person instead of a clubbing person,
it doesn't make you any less boring.

8. No matter what fizzy drinks do to you when drinking alcohol
it will not stop you from drinking it, you'll just laugh at your weird throat

9.  Just because you have so many things in your life you want to do
and you're no longer a teenager, it does not mean you're becoming too old to
fulfil your dreams, i.e learn to surf and be a beach bum, become a teacher, travel the world
become a wife and a mum. You are only 21 and have many years ahead to do all of those things.

10. There will be no boundaries when it comes to talking
 to your best friend/sister, talking about bodily functions
is just like a normal topic between you and them.

11. Stop being lazy and just do what it is you need to do, your bed will be there later.

12. Drink that water, eat that fruit, get enough sleep and start exercising,
your body, mind and skin will thank you (still learning)

13. As soon as the sun decides to show it's face, get out in it,
stretch out like a cat, let it warm you up. I love the sun.

14. Stop worrying so much, generally there is no need to worry as much
as you seem to, the stuff you worry about seems ridiculous when you
re-think about it later on. (still learning)

15. The perfect man and cinderella story will put you to sleep
when you need them, there is no shame in saying you need films on
to help you sleep.

16. You'll realise how much you love Brighton
once you head off to University, you'll notice the little things,
how you love the smell of the sea in the air and you'll just appreciate
everything about your home town.

17. Say yes to more, as much as you can be a hermit,
you won't be young forever so make memories with your friends
get dressed up, go out and have fun!

18. No matter how much pain you'll end up in,
you will not stop picking your nails, but one
day you MUST stop and then maybe you'll
be able to paint them.

19. Burgers are a go to choice when eating out, you can never try
too many burgers.

20. It may take you nearly 21 years or so but you
will find your wardrobe style, even if this doesn't
include your 'teacher wardrobe'

21. Live your life to the fullest, you do not
want to look back in another 21 years and regret something
you did or didn't do.

What things have you learnt whilst growing up, is there things you're still trying to teach yourself?

Elizabeth Chalmers-Apps x


  1. Great post!! I have never seen a post like this!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  2. Wishing you a belated happy birthday! Hope you had a fab day
    Such adorable little lessons, definitely live life to the fullest!
    Now is the time

  3. Happy belated birthday! I can't say I relate to you entirely, but i'm the youngest in my circle of friends and I get teased for being the baby. Similar, I guess?

    Haha, I've always embraced alone time and Cinderella/fairytale stories. A confession: Barbie movies are still my guilty pleasures. I think I've got to learn to live life more than I am right now and learn to say yes to more opportunities, because I'm pretty sure I'm missing out on a lot of things because of my inability to do so.

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin'

  4. Happy belated birthday! Great post, number 9 is especially true. I've learnt not to stress over silly things! x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  5. It took me forever to learn to say no to things! I really need to get motivated with my Uni work - somehow I end up procrastinating and in the end it only makes matters worse :)


  6. Great blog! Happy belated birthday :)

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  8. Happy Birthday! Great post, I definitely think finding yourself comes with time and growing older :)

  9. If you think 21 is old, try 33. My advice, really cherish these next 10 years of your life. Don't waste it.

  10. Its funny because some points are kind of out of the ordinary for this type of post (at least from what i've seen on the internet), but their soooo true, specially at this age. I'm 22 and I feel old to (don't mind the older people telling you you don't know what your saying, its completely true!!), I've just realized what is my style, and some times I wonder if I'll be able to live all of my dreams.

    Joana Verde

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  12. Yes, we always learn, no matter how old are we. I know I'm not perfect and I need to work on myself but I just hope I don't get stucked in one place. Happy Tuesday! :) xx Maja

  13. What a great list!

  14. Love this post Beth, literally so inspiring! Glad I read this :)

    I deffo need to exercise more, I know it would make me feel better once I get into the habit.. tehe :)


  15. Really lovely read, I love inspiring lists like this, especially the last point. Really positive post!

  16. I loved to read all those things! I'm still learning so many things!

  17. I really love this list! Especially the one about enjoying the sunshine, it's such a simple, positive thing that can make you feel so good inside, cats definitely got it right by sunbathing! :D I'm turning 21 in a few months but I'm younger than everyone so it feels like I'm the last xD I love your blog, now following you on GFC! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (doing follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram)

  18. The one that resonates the most with me is that alone time is good! xx