Thursday, 6 August 2015

Woodies Diner | Brighton

Woodies holds a very special place in my heart. If I lived the beach lifestyle I so desire (and have mentioned in my most recent post) then I'd hope to work in a place just like this to help fuel the dream. Whilst feasting on our food we were graced with soundtracks such as 'let the sunshine in' by fifth dimension which immediately took my thoughts straight to the ending of Recess: School Out (if you've never seen the film where have you been, it was a childhood classic!) It was kitted out like your authentic american diner with the retro chairs, that my thighs oh so gracefully stuck to and tiled flooring it was like being in america, not that I know what an actual american diner is like. I absolutely loved it, we even had the pleasure of watching Tom and Jerry on mute if we so desired! 

Considering Sam and I had walked all the way from the open market all the way through the pride parade that was being held and along the seafront to the diner (which if anyone knows Brighton is a very long distance and if not then that means nothing to you haha) we had managed to work up quite the appetites after an hour or so walk and we couldn't wait to get our mits back on the Jones Sodas which are absolutely amazing and so more-ish, even to the point where I once purchased some for one of Sam's birthdays and as you can tell he loves them just as much as he couldn't leave it alone before my photo and so his glass is pretty empty. They have so many flavours to choose from, with Berry Lemonade being my favourite and every bottle has a new photo taken from normal people and then the company pick which ones to put on the bottles and even sometimes come with fortune cookie quotes inside the bottle cap.
The food as well was not a disappointment the portions are absolutely great. I got a chicken wrap with salsa, sour cream, mushrooms, peppers, onions finished off with melted cheese and it was delicious, for someone who has a love for fajitas they hit just the spot! Sam got the burger that comes with two patties and he struggled to get the whole thing in one, but nonetheless that didn't stop him from polishing of the whole meal plus helping himself to the rest of my chips I couldn't quite fit in.
With tummy's filled to the brim we left the restaurant happy and full and even wondered into the shop next door known as ocean sports stocking all boarding sport goods and some of our favourite brands such as roxy, oneill and billabong and then we simply got a bus back home as we felt the journey to the diner was more than enough, after that we spent the early evening napping in the outside swing chair until the air turned cold again.

 Elizabeth Apps x


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  3. This seems like such a cute place. When I was in Brighton this summer, we just headed to a random pub for the must-have fish and chips! And the snap of you two is so cute!!
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