Tuesday, 4 August 2015

I wanna live at the beach

For as long as I can remember (growing up with films like Little Mermaid and Lilo and Stitch helping to fuel the love of the water and beach) I've always loved the beach and the whole lifestyle that goes along with it. I love the idea so much that it becomes a daily thing for me to daydream about.

Now I know that it's very rare to spend all day-everyday at the beach and that the majority of people just get to the beach on days off from the real world and things, but even the idea of living in a place where after work you're able to go and soak up the last of the sun and play in the sea whether it be surfing or just splashing about sounds like such bliss. Okay so maybe I'm writing like I live in a town nowhere near to the water and that would be a lie, because in fact I am lucky enough to live in Brighton with a beach right on my doorstep. But with the weather we get here in the UK it makes it very hard to get to the beach as often as I'd like, don't get me wrong, as soon as the sun makes an appearance I am out in a heartbeat,  theres nothing better than feeling the sun heat up your skin, but especially this year it's been a struggle, and in Brighton we don't get the luxury of sand or waves big enough to surf and as you can tell from my little college and even my tumblr, both are essentials to what I dream about, well and the sun.

So basically what this blabbering post is all about is one goal of mine is to be able to travel one day to places where for long periods  I can live the life I dream off. I want to learn to surf (the best I can do right now is kneel up on a board) and where I can live in a beach shack on or close to the beach, spending my days playing in the water, soaking up the sun and then going home with the salt in my hair, the smell of the sea and the heat radiating from my skin and of course picking up a job that allows me to do all of that, because hey, I have to make a living like everyone else!

To start of this dream though Sam and I are thinking of saving up to go somewhere abroad where we can learn to surf and such for a month next year, so if anyone has tips or destinations please share as that would really help with the research we're doing!


  1. I just went to Herne Bay on Monday, it's a stony beach and quite small but I loved it! Anywhere by the sea is just lovely, even when it's cold the views are still so nice. x

    Josie’s Journal

  2. All I dream about everyday is foreign beaches. I just have a feeling of the beach being such a happy place and a good place to spend the days. I currently live in Norway, so I have the same problem as you. I think Hawaii or Bali would have been perfect for a little escape.


  3. Ahhh so do I - take me with you. I'm an Aussie beach baby and London just doesn't cut it sometimes! I just spent a week in the Greek Islands which is amazing so that has tided me over!

    Krissie x - http://pearlsofstyle.blogspot.com

  4. Yes me too! <3


  5. ok can I please just jump into the scenery of one of these photos


  6. Great pics you have there! Love the beach!
    Good vibes Fox