Thursday, 23 July 2015

London, Chelsea | BRGR.CO

 On the 12th of July Sam and I took a trip to London to see Ed Sheeran at Wembley. We went up early so that we could grab something to eat beforehand as we didn't really fancy something over priced at the stadium. We got off at Victoria Station as we were told there would be loads of restaurants about, but due to not really knowing our way around the area we couldn't find anything and our tummies were rumbling. We took to looking at one of the maps and realised we were able to walk to Sloane Square, so off we went as we kind of knew the area and I fancied making a cheeky trip to Brandy Melville. We quickly became frustrated as we realised we didn't know our way around this area too, but then we came across a little place called BRGR.CO. Sam and I are massive fans of burgers and tend to opt for them whenever they're offered, so we quickly went in and were seated.

Once handed the menu we started scanning and it became clear that they offer a range of ways to have your beef burger,  as well as offering a veggie burger, chicken burger and even a choice of a hot dog, salad was served with them but came on the side for you to put in the burger yourself and then you could add anything else for your burger (Sam and I didn't and slightly regretted it.) Then you could pick from a variety of chip dishes, I got cheese and Sam got the Chilli which was delicious! When picking the burger it came with recommendations on the best way to cook the patty but of course you could pick what suited you.

When they arrived we couldn't wait to dig in, the burgers bun was glistening (I've seen this type of bun in many photos but never actually had one like it) and the patty was just right, it was juicy and full of flavour with the added tastes of the salad and was probably one the best burgers I've tried - and I've tried some good burgers. I would definitely head back and you can even get it as a takeaway which would be great if the weather was warm and imagine eating it right by the river! All washed down with some fresh homemade lemonade and wiping the grease with great smelling wet wipes provided - nice touch BRGR.CO we left happy and full ready to sing and dance our hearts out to Passenger, One Republic and Ed Sheeran not even the rain could dampen our moods, it was truly an amazing concert which I can't thank Sam's parents enough for as they bought us the tickets for christmas, so thank you again!

What's the best burger places you guys have tried?