Thursday, 25 June 2015

Kefalonia | Secluded beaches, Fiskardo, Assos, Myrtos beach

It has been far too long since I touched this little space on the internet and let me tell you it has been horrible not blogging, but since I left for University in September my life has been a bit of a whirlwind. It's been busy busy busy, what with meeting new people and making friends. Being on placement in the new year and teaching little uns' and not forgetting the copious amounts of assignments that needed writing. Also during that time I've not really known anyone well enough to ask them to take part in helping me with my blog by taking outfit posts, but now being back at home in Brighton means there is more time to get back into my little blog and hopefully meeting my wonderful friends who I'll also be living with next year I'll be able to rope one or two of them into helping me continue filling this space when September rolls back around.

But firstly I thought I'd start back by showing a few of the snaps that were taken on my recent trip to the beautiful island of Kefalonia. Greece has been on my bucket list for absolutely ages and finally being able to visit one of the many places in Greece this year with Sam was a dream come true. I mean just look at the crystal blue waters and white pebbles, the first two photos really do remind of something out of the Mamma Mia movie. Before I start yabbering about the sites we saw I have to say that some of these photos are in fact taken by Sam as once he has the camera he can't help but snap away, I think he secretly enjoys taking photos.

One of the days on our holiday we took a trip around Kefalonia so that we got to visit other towns, secluded beaches and Melissani Lake, which was an absolutely must after seeing the stunning photos of the lake on pinterest. Our first town stop after the lake was the town of Fiskardo. This town was set around a harbour and it was full of restaurants upon restaurants and so we stopped for lunch at
one, because how could we not when we had a gorgeous sea view to look at during our feast.  After we took a stroll along the harbour taking in the traditional buildings with wooden shutters and the vibrant flowers creeping up the buildings. It was the perfect place to take outfit photos, which
you will get to see soon. We also peaked into the gift shops to pick up presents for loved ones and even little treasures for ourselves. After strolling around it was time to head back to the coach and move on to the next town.

After following the winding roads up and down the mountains we got an amazing birds eye view of our next destination, Assos. Here we stopped for ice cream, me getting a refreshing strawberry calipo and Sam opted for a delicious cookie dough ice cream (which I kind of regretted not getting) Again the whole town was situated around a harbour, but this one was very small with only a few restaurants, nonetheless it was still as beautiful. We got to see the original buildings that got left after the earthquake that devastated Kefalonia back in 1953 and how now those houses are selling for an absolute fortune because the people know that they have to be restored back to there original state and I even managed to get a photo of Sam on our walk back up to the coach, which is rare due to him being quite camera shy.   

The last stop on our trip was a quick stop so that we could grab a quick look down at the famous Myrtos beach. From far of the beach looks like white sand when in actual fact it is white pebbles. The trip was definitely worth the while. It was great being able to see more of the island than just the part we were staying in and we got to see many beautiful places. Being on this trip has only spurred me to want to visit more of Greece in the future, I now understand why Greece is a very popular destination with so many.

Finally I just want to say how nice it is to  be back working on this little blog as in all honesty it is one of my absolute favourite things to do in my spare time.

Elizabeth Apps x 

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  1. Such pretty pictures! Life us busy, but I'm glad you're able to share tidbits of your vacation! xx