Saturday, 2 August 2014

You're the one I'm wanting, with the plainest clarity


Hasn't the weather been lovely these last couple weeks?! I like to think of it as a nice welcome home present after my holiday, I've even managed to go to the beach quite a few times in a bid to keep the tan topped up! Although as I sit writing this there is a huge black cloud lingering outside my window, so it's nice to look back on these photos and feel a slight warmth from them, hey I do live in England so it's not a huge shock the weather has turned again.

I know this outfit isn't screaming out fashion, but to be honest I only dive into the trends that really take my fancy. But recently I have set a side looking into the trends just so I look 'fashionesque' and decided to really try and find my own personal style and I think I've finally started to get a grips of it. I really enjoy plain, basic pieces I find them so easy to pair with things to create completely different outfits, like how easy it is to throw this plaid shirt on over the dress to add a layering and some pattern, even though it was actually far to hot to be layering up on this particularly day. I'm enjoying just looking at clothes I think will suit me and that I actually like instead of trying to get my head round some trends just to try and fit in. Although that's not saying I never want on trend pieces because some of them I do like. I'm just having a lot of fun discovering clothes I really like and think suit me to build a wardrobe upon right now.

As well as finding my own style, I've always liked the boho/beach type look and always taken particular interest in the blue stone seen in necklaces quite a lot so I was very happy after I literally searched far and wide to find this necklace and I really think it adds a little flare to this outfit, I also paired it with my go to hamsa necklace that very rarely leaves my neck.

I thought for this post I would trying simply uploading the photos without photoshopping two together like in my previous posts and can't quite decided whether this works or not, but I thought I'd give it ago and I'd love to hear what you guys think, do I keep it to two photos when I post portrait pictures or does posting them separately work better? I'd love to know your thoughts!

Elizabeth Apps x


  1. this is proof that less is more haha, you look great! and lovely photographs too :-)

  2. You have a brilliant photographer ;) lovely post beth! xx

  3. you look so nice in this! i adore simple outfits

    from helen at

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  4. Your outfit is perfect- from the flannel to the pendant! Well done!! Great post!! :)

  5. Love these pictures! You're fabulous. I really resonated on what you said about trends! Totes agree. I added you on G+!