Saturday, 26 July 2014

PHOTO DIARY: Dominican Republic

On the 4th of July Sam and I travelled to Dominican Republic for our first holiday just the two of us and wow was it an experience!

When travelling to our excursions and the hotel we were shocked by just how many people would be walking along the motor ways and by all the tin/wooden houses there were lining the roads (although the houses did look pretty cute) there were vines hanging from trees and many a palm tree, it really was quite different to home.

While we were there we went on a big boat and sailed to Saona island where we sunbathed and swam in the tropical warm water, or should I say where I jumped about trying to escape the fish that seemed to like chasing me, we walked the coast of the island as far as we could manage and climbed palm trees and looked for shells. We were then shown onto sipped boats where we sped to a natural pool and went starfish hunting, I couldn't quite believe just how big they were and we managed to use the go pro to capture them underwater. After our trip, with weary eyes and good spirits we met up with some friends we'd made and feasted on Italian cuisine and sipped cocktails while enjoy the cooler (but not by much) heat that the night time bought.

During our time we also took a tour on a safari type bus where we travelled north of the island and took in the culture. We stopped in a sugar cane field and sampled the cane, we were told to bite into it and by no means swallow it and it really did taste just like sugar, with no added earthy tastes. We visited small towns and got to watch a man make cigarettes and for someone who is a none smoker like me, I still found it amazing how it was done just by hand. We also visited a house where they created coffee by mushing up the beans in a carved out tree trunk and one of the girls braided my hair and put a flower in it. As we ventured on we stopped for a break to dip into the waterfall and it was breath-taking (I am such a sucker for waterfalls) Coming to the end of our trip we stopped off at a school and handed out lollipops to the children and it was amazing to see them so excited and happier. 

One day we also had to take motorbike taxis and that was pretty scary just how fast they went while we had no protection to wear but an amazing experience in its self, we also visited an underground pool where the water was a beautiful shade of turquoise.

This trip was such an experience, it really did bring out my confidence and gave me such an insight to just how different other places can be and I'm so determined to visit as many countries as possible now. It was also so nice to relax by the pool and spend a whole two weeks with Sam, we had such a good time that we've already started planning our holiday for next year.

elizabeth apps x


  1. Looks like beautiful holiday trip away!

  2. Wow. Beautiful pictures! The ones underwater are so cool. Anyway it sounds and looks like an amazing trip :) I've always wanted to go to the Dominican republic cause I've heard and seen so many good things about it!

    Great post and blog :) I'm now following your blog!

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