Saturday, 28 June 2014

Here goes nothing


 Well hasn't it been a while?! Just over 3 months to be exact! My poor little blog took a huge back seat due to revising for my exams and now I am left anticipating results day to see if all my hard work paid off so I can hopefully head off to university this September. But now I have this long summer ahead of me I finally have time to start blogging again and it does feel a little weird, but I'm sure I'll get into the swing of things soon enough.

The weather has been so lovely recently, although when I went to take these it wasn't as warm as it has been and since then the weather has just been getting worse, right now I'm facing a pretty grey sky. But luckily next Friday I'll be jetting off to Dominican Republic for 2 whole weeks and I couldn't be more excited! I can't wait to soak up the Caribbean sun and play in the clear blue water. Hopefully we'll get to go snorkelling or scuba diving and venture out the jungle to dip into the waterfalls! But now onto talking about the clothes.

This dress is a year old, but I really couldn't help posting it as it is still my absolute favourite dress. I'm such a sucker for paisley and the colour of this blue against the white pattern is just amazing, plus it's smock style so what more could I ask for? The only thing I will say about this dress is it's a tad on the small side, as it only came in one size, so I have to wear shorts underneath to cover up.

Birkenstocks have come into fashion this year and I have to say my mum was a little smug at this as she has worn them for years and years. I know that the two strap ones are most in fashion, but hey I wouldn't say I'm a fashionable person so I opted for the flip flop style, but mainly due the fact these ones are my mum's and I don't have the money for my own and also I love flip flops no matter what anyone says. These shoes are super comfy as they shape your foot perfectly!

Elizabeth Apps x


  1. Such stunning photographs! That dress is such a beautiful colour and the paisley pattern is perfection, you look so lovely!

  2. I agree with the former comment, your pictures are so lovely. I love how vivid the blue is on this dress