Friday, 7 March 2014

We felt so far away but we were still in town


Seems like such a simple outfit doesn't it? but it threw me right out my comfort zone. I'd never dared go near a denim skirt until I started blogging and after seeing how bloggers style them I thought, if they can, then so can I and I went straight to my mum who I knew had not one, but three denim skirts and asked if I could borrow one, which came to quite a shock for her as I've never asked to borrow anything from her wardrobe. Usually a length as long as this skirt would put me off straight away, but even that couldn't keep me away this time, I really wanted to dare myself to wear something completely different from my norm. 

 I didn't actually think I'd like wearing a denim skirt and considering I don't really see anyone my age where I live in one I thought it was a big no no, but after trying it on I absolutely loved it and really liked pairing it with my trusty stripy top, which I purchased from OliveClothing last year, if you haven't checked them out before I insist you head straight there they have so many amazing pieces! I felt a little like a French country girl in this outfit and longed to be wondering around the roads of Paris snapping the Eiffel tower and eating croissants, but in any case we ended up wondering around the pavilion gardens which is just as grand in architect and hiding from a down pour of rain. 

Due to the topsy turvy weather we have in England I needed a bag that was both water proof and big enough for all of my college gear as the one I had been using was getting a bit battered and I had only really wanted to use if for summer, so after searching high and low and looking at this bag and leaving and coming back for it I finally bit the bullet and purchased it and it really has been a saint in this weather. I feel the bag looks absolutely massive compared to the size of me but it fits everything in and that is exactly what I wanted, plus it kind of reminds me of the zara city bag.

This week has been so lovely and warm and I've been trying to pace myself to and from college with an app called mapmywalk as my mum is more in shape than I am and I think that's a little embarrassing, but I can already feel it working a little my legs and bum ache which is a good sign, even though I know that only one week doesn't make a huge difference. I also really need to get some arm strength in me and I've been suffering with shin splits in my left leg which isn't a good sign, but goes to show I'm really unfit. But if anyone has any tips on how to get fit with out forking out a fortune for a gym membership I'd really like to hear those! I hope the sun has been gracing everyone else with it's presence too!

Elizabeth Apps x


  1. Great post! Lovely outfit xx

  2. Outfit is uber cute! I'm far too scared to wear denim skirts yet haha, I admire your bravery for venturing out your comfort zone! Fitness wise, have you tried youtube tutourials or a fitness DVD? They really work :) xx

    Hannah @ FashionistaDigital

  3. I love how you boosted up the look with that scarf! Very cute xx

  4. Love this outfit, I've just posted in a very similar scarf aha! X